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  • The Frighteners
    • The Frighteners
    • Runtime:110 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-24 18:27:24
    • Director: Peter Jackson
    • Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:The Frighteners


Peter Jackson's the Frighteners is very much a throwback motion
picture. It feels like (for lack of a better metaphor) it graduated in
the same class as Sam Raimi's Evil Dead, Tobe Hooper' Poltergeist, and
Ivan Reitman's Ghostbusters. The production has the look of something
that came out of that decade, and personally, I'm fine with it.

Although one could also also argue that The Frighteners is a muddled
rip-off of all these films (plus maybe a few others) I think it is
fairly ambitious. It ain't as funny as it could have been, but the
story is frequently amusing, and it builds with every bizarre twist and
turn. Sometimes it feels like Jackson is having too much fun, and is
pushing the premise a bit. In fact anyone with a short attention span
may get lost occasionally, but I will say this for the Frignteners,
(and THIS is the important part)…It ain't dull.

Ever since the car accident which killed his wife, Frank Bannister (on
account of traumatic stress) has had the ability to see ghosts. He has
since used this ability to run a cheesy little con business, where a
couple of his ghostly friends haunt houses and leave Frank's business
card. Once he gets a call, Frank show up a paranormal investigator to
fix the mess. Times are currently not so hot for Frank and his buddies,
and they are about to get worse. Soon Frank finds himself involved with
some not-so-friendly ghosts. Next thing he knows, he is fighting death
itself, while being followed by an unstable, oddball fed.

The Frighters doesn't work all that well as a horror, but it is pretty
successful as a comedy. The recipe requires a lot of goofiness to keep
it tasty for a hundred minutes. It is funny in the same sort of way
that Scooby-Doo is; not so much laugh out loud, but rather darkly cute
or cartoonish. The Frighters is occasionally unstable, but it keeps you
going. Though not everyone in the film can act, most people seem to be
having a good, time, and more importantly, Peter Jackson, does enough
to ensure that we the viewers are having a good time as well.


This good ghost – bad ghost wildly uneven genre mix, is only marginally
successful. Though Michael J. Fox gives it his best shot, and the
supporting cast, especially Jeffrey Combs, is intriguing, "The
Frighteners" is a perplexing mess most of the time. Special effects are
overdone, and the rapid pace becomes exhausting for the viewer. Plot
wise, there are bursts of brilliance, which are ultimately lost in the
frenzy. This is supposed to be a "supernatural chiller", but there is
at least a bunch of failed humor, and at 110 minutes, the sound and
light show eventually wears out it's welcome. Simply piling on more and
more frantic situations, while letting the plot run amok, is what
really sinks "The Frighteners".- MERK

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