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  • The Front
    • The Front
    • Runtime:90 min
    • Release Date:2014-02-20 12:34:44
    • Director: Tom McLoughlin
    • Genres: Crime, Mystery
    • Studio:


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is so bad that I had to watch it in its entirety in hopes
that it would get better. Daniel Sunjata & Patricia Cornwell are the
names that would attract viewers. However, the plot is confusing, the
characters are unbelievable & there is no chemistry among them. I'd
rather see Sunjata on Rescue Me, than in this contrived piece. Patricia
Cornwell has written many enjoyable mysteries. This interpretation is a
travesty. Everyone seemed to be walking through their parts, as a
"fill-in" for their "day jobs". I think it is an insult to viewers.
Andie McDowell has never been a favorite, & she's playing the hair, as
too many actresses are now doing. It's no substitute for a good
performance. I say, pass on this. Watch a rerun of something else.


This movie debuted on the Lifetime network last week in the states. I
had never read a Patricia Cornwell novel, and it had been ages since
I'd seen an Andie MacDowell movie. Having missed the premiere of
Cornwell's "At Risk" on the same network the week before, I have just
these few observations.

1. "The Front" assumes some familiarity with either Cornwell's
characters or (I assume) the previous film. In "The Front," one must
listen carefully for clues, not just with respect to the mystery, but
regarding the identity of the characters and their relationships, as

2. Of the two principal actors, MacDowell and Daniel Sunjata, the
latter presents the better performance. I'm sorry, but MacDowell's
D.A., Monique Lamont, just didn't convince me as worthy of her office.
In fact, I can't imagine how she ever got elected. (Or, as the
governor's mistress, did she somehow get appointed?)

3. The dialog is sometimes so rapid-fire as to be unintelligible. In
some scenes, notably early scenes between Sunjata's Win Garano (D.A.'s
investigator) and Ashley Williams' "Stump" (cop), the conversation runs
faster than that of some Harvard students I once knew, as if director
Tom McLoughlin is trying to squeeze in all the words in the time

In short, this movie is probably not the easiest one with which to
familiarize one's self with the work of Partricia Cornwell.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As in her other novel, there is just too much going on here. Suddenly,
Andie MacDowell is much more aggressive and really bitchy here. She is
also quite a tramp. She is carrying on with the governor who came in
when the old governor literally checked out.

The plot here is easily lost. We see a story that's questioning whether
the Boston strangler is at it again. This seemingly good plot is soon
lost when one of the assistants decides that to be able to solve
crimes, you have to start doing them. Thereby, the bodies begin to pile
up and our Barack Obama-Harold Ford look alike is almost framed for one
of them.

We finally find out why Diahann Carroll acted in the way she did with
the scene with the dogs. She placed a curse on the guy who was hurting
them. While she took her nephew away, his parents succumbed to carbon
monoxide poisoning. This should have been explained in the previous

Miss Carroll is as weird as ever and is always being threatened.

Ms. Cornwell should keep her plot direct and not have it all tie in
within the last 5 minutes or so.

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