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  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame II
    • The Hunchback of Notre Dame II
    • Runtime:68 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-18 00:55:51
    • Director: Bradley Raymond
    • Genres: Adventure, Animation, Family
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:The Hunchback of Notre Dame II


The Walt Disney Animation Japanese team takes again (so it seems but I
haven't seen Part I) the main characters of the famous dramatic novel
by Victor Hugo of the same title and adds some other characters to it
namely a circus magician who is also a big thief and also a beauty
named Madelleine who is under the domination of Sarousch the magician
who owns the circus and practically enslaved by him. Madelleine and
Quasimodo, the hunchback start then a romance which is another but much
poorer version of the old story of the Beauty and the Beast passing us
the message that ugly can be beautiful. The story is far from brilliant
and lacks invention and imagination. What saves the movie of being a
disaster is the technical part I mean the animation which is done with
the usual mastery by the Japanese team but even in that aspect I have
seen better. Most surely this is not one of the best movies made at
Walt Disney studios.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am still trying to hold my dinner down in fear that i am going to
throw up all over the computer. I started to watch the opening and the
first thing you see is the HORRIBLE i mean HORRIBLE animation. I mean a
blind handless person could draw better then this! I LOVED the FIRST
movie, it was one of the darkest and realistic (for Disney) movies and
I loved the music as well (but how it got the rating G, I will never
know and don't want to know what hell they gave for it) The animation
was horrible and I could feel tears in my eyes just watching this. Also
there is happy IloveTheWorld music going on not the dark dramatic choir
and bells ringing like in the first. Oh no it gets much worse. You see
our Hunchback buddie leaping house to house hanging up flowers and
everyone is trying to set up a festival (and are failing horribly).
Clopin (the singing gypsies)is standing on a platform with a flower
arch over his head and thats pretty much the decoration. and they wont
stop stuffing flowers into the arch, its pretty much in every other

And they are getting ready for their FAVORITE festival!! (what happened
to the feast of fools?)I cannot even hear what they are saying with the
bad sound quality. Its a festive for love (oofff cooouuurrrssee) And My
favorite character Clopin is dancing around with Quasimodo (Quasi for
short) like there about to get married. And Quasi is handing out
flowers and no one seems to care about the fact that he is not normal.
While they are singing there horribly written song about love (Shivers)
You see Phoebus on his horse. And Oh my F*** god its the worse
animation I've seen in 15 Years. And somehow Esperelda has grown like
ten feet and is taller then him while he is sitting up on a horse and
kisses him in horrible animation. For the rest of this song they just
take things from the first movie and slap it in. Clopin playing with
his puppets and such and everyone is happy and smiling even though half
of Paris just burned down with all of there people!! YAY HALF OF THE
CITY IS GONE!!! Then those sidekick statues are fighting and its pretty
stupid. "To bad there's not enough of me to go around" "Good thing"
"Hey was that a shot?" WTF?!

The thing that made me turn this off was Phoebus saying "I hope you
ring the bell loud enough because ima gonna make Esmeralda scream She
loves me and make her scream my name!!" DEAR GOD THIS IS A KIDS

This movie cannot be a Disney movie. Its either the dirty sex jokes
they somehow failed to see or the bad animation and the characters are
STILL wearing the same clothes. The only thing I liked was the cute
little son of Phoebes and Esmeralda, he was pretty cute.


Of course there are things wrong with it, but it is not unbearable, no
way it isn't. I absolutely love the original, (dark, powerful, poignant
and chilling)which is THEME driven not plot driven, and the music
overall made a suitably poignant film, based on a disturbing story by
Victor Hugo, who seems to have a relationship with sad endings.

One thing I didn't like about the sequel was the change to Esmeralda.
She was my favourite character in the original, however you don't see
much of her, and when you do, you don't empathise with her as much, if
at all. And there were some early scenes when they animated her with no
nose. Pheobus is basically a jerk here with some awful dialogue mostly.
The songs were not brilliant to be perfectly honest with you, but they
could have been worse, although the one over the end credits was
lovely. So was Ordinary Miracles, even if it was a clone of Out There.
Likewise with the animation, very Saturday morning standard, and often
horrible to look at. The rather pantomime villain was neither sinister
or frightening, a complete contrast to the legendary Frollo in every
aspect, but Michael McKean did a serviceable job with the voicing, so
I'll give the character some credit. I didn't think much of the overall
plot, as it was very predictable, like most DTV sequels. The studio
should have made this theme driven too. A major reason why the plot and
characters weren't as good this time around is because the short is far
too short at a meagre 63 minutes.

On the other hand, the main positive was a surprisingly good
performance from Jennifer Love-Hewitt, as Quasimodo's love interest,
Madelleine, I just loved her personality. Zephyr was a spirited boy
also, and his well-developed relationship with Quasimodo, was a delight
to see, and very sweet. The film was a little short, but moved along at
a reasonable pace. You really feel for Quasimodo here like the
original., and the gargoyles are marginally better than they were in
the original, where their song was very good but misplaced(the only
criticism of the original). I just want to clear up one thing. The
gargoyles as explained in the book, are made of stone, and are part of
Quasimodo's imagination. Also, there are parts of the book, that just
wouldn't work for animation, so please stop criticising the original
for its unfaithfulness to the book, because there was a reason for

All in all, a short and sweet, if flawed sequel, that isn't as awful as
many infer. 5/10 Bethany Cox

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