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  • The Insatiable IronBabe
    • The Insatiable IronBabe
    • Runtime:90 min
    • Release Date:2014-03-17 18:16:22
    • Director: John Bacchus
    • Genres: Comedy
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:The Insatiable IronBabe


You know…maybe i am just plain weird. But I actually laughed my butt
off. This movie is intended to be PURE CAMP. And you know what…it
is!!! If you like the wacky Troma films, or any of those crazy films
from the 1980s – this really is just great. Yeah the sex scenes are
softcore, yes the special effects are cheeezy (with extra cheese) – but
you know what – that's what it is supposed to be. People either get
these films or they don't. I get it. I laughed a lot more than some of
these movies like "Hamlet 2" and i dug it. Put your brain on hold, get
a six pack and have fun. Fan boyz are waaaaaaaaaaaay too serious about
this stuff. I LOVED it.


Iron Babe is another of Seduction Cinema's soft core takes on popular
movies, although the core is particularly soft on this one.

A collection of bimbos, none of them very attractive, make Iron Man
jokes in between scenes of pseudo-sex. The sex is very pseudo, meaning
they don't take off their underwear. They do take off their shirts a
lot, but there is no frontal nudity or anything approaching eroticism.
What they mostly do is get topless and wave their hands around each
others bodies as if they can't quite touch one another, while bad music
plays and the camera man misses all the good angles.

The loose Iron Man theme isn't very amusing after the first 10 minutes
or so, although I did get a laugh out of the politically correct
terrorists. That was the only laugh, the rest of the joke was on me and
anyone else who watches this.


…but I did manage to suffer through at least half of it before I
started fast forwarding ahead to see a few scenes on the way to the
ending. I don't like to completely dump on a movie but the
acting/directing/script is just horrendous. I don't think I've ever
seen worse. No, I know for a fact I've never seen worse.

It's full of nudity though, so if that's all that you're looking for
this movie probably won't disappoint you too much. I guess after
reading the DVD's box I just expected it to contain at least a tad of
worthwhile comedy/parody and perhaps a little bit less soft core. What
was I thinking?!? I'm too embarrassed to keep this one in my DVD
collection. That's a first for me.

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