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  • The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea
    • The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea
    • Runtime:75 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-20 11:09:46
    • Director: Jim Kammerud
    • Genres: Animation, Family, Fantasy, Musical
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Little Mermaid had always been my favorite movie ever since I was a
kid. When I heard that there was a second one I was so excited. So, I
went to watch it and I was highly disappointed. It will NEVER be
anything compared to the Original. The plot had absolutely NO thought
or creativity in it being made. It's basically the same plot as the
original but reversed. *SPOILER* So sweet, naive, adorable, curious 16
year old Ariel gets turned into a dull, boring, no personality mother.
Her child, Melody,grows up to be a little 'adventurer' and wants to
explore the ocean. But, evil Morgana, Ursulas "Sister" that we never
recalled her even having, tricks the her into stealing the Trident then
all hell breaks loose.

The Penguin and the walrus are just franchised versions of Timon and
Pumba. Flounder, cute silly little flounder,is turned into some fat,
nasal congested blob. Prince Eric sounds a hot mess and he is
absolutely USELESS. The girl,Melody, is such a freaking nuisance.And
may I advise you to wear some shades the animation is too bright, and
colorful. There's just no magic in it as the first. This isn't even a
sequel its the original movie is what's real. The new people in Disney
are just unskilled, uncreative gold-diggers.Please don't give them the
satisfaction. Don't waste your money.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When I was 10, I watched this movie for the first time and loved it.
This is because I was 10 and was entertained by any animated movie. You
could have shown me a 90 minute cartoon solely about talking garbage
cans and I would've thought it was great.

The other day I was babysitting some girls, and they wanted to watch a
Disney movie, so I pulled out an old box consisting of several Disney
classics and this one. They picked Little Mermaid 2, so I thought that
this would be a good excuse to relive some childhood memories. At the
end of the movie, I realized that the sequel that I used to think was
awesome was actually a nauseatingly bad piece of…ship. The old
characters have no personality, and Ariel and Eric have been reduced to
cardboard cutouts. Melody, their daughter, is supposed to be the
lovable misfit, but she is far too sickening and and perfect to be
lovable. The plot is extremely similar to the original, except that
Melody wants to be a mermaid whereas Ariel wanted to be a human. The
songs lack any of the first movie's charm, and it feels like the
creators just stuck them in there for the sake of putting songs in. The
animation is flat and boring, lacking the subtleties in the first movie
(noticing a pattern here?). Flounder is not nearly as adorable, Scuttle
has become so dumb that it hurts to hear him speak, and Morgana, the
new villain, is like a much less intimidating version of Ursula.
Morgana's sidekicks are not especially menacing either- her pet shark
is more oafish than frightening. Two new characters, a penguin and
walrus duo, are forced comedy relief. Their shtick is that they are
cowards who aspire to be heroes, and at the end of the film they
finally get to become heroes. Very original. The day after I watched
this, I watched the original to remind myself that The Little Mermaid
is, in fact, a great Disney movie with great characters, memorable
music, and beautiful animation, unlike the travesty I've just

Naturally, the girls I babysat for loved it.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Love 'em or hate 'em, most of the Disney direct to video films which
are often sequels are worse than the originals. Beginning in Aladdin's
sequel, The Return of Jafar, lots of them are poor quality and are made
to cash in. Ironic as Walt Disney didn't like sequels with this quote
he once said, 'I do not like to repeat successes, I like to go on to
other things.' Then would he be disappointed with this string of
supposedly sequels? Of course.

One of the worst sequels Disney has ever made is The Little Mermaid II:
Return to the Sea. This is a low quality sequel to the beloved and high
quality 1989 film, The Little Mermaid. Not only was the original a
commercial success in the box office and met with critical acclaim from
critics and audiences but also saved the animation industry which had
been in a decline for some while sometime after W.Disney's death in

The film's narrative is almost the opposite of the original. Instead of
Ariel wanting to come to the human world as a mermaid, in here, Melody
wants to come the the mer-world as a human. Ariel is a dull hollow
shell of herself here. Yes, she is no longer the main character but
there was no need to suck out her personality and put it to an
irregular fashion to her daughter.

Eric sounds different and has little dialogue in the film. Melody is
not that likable. Sebastian is not quite the same he was in the
original, in fact, he doesn't appear as regularly now. Why is Flounder,
now a father, even fatter now? Being overweight does NOT make you look
older. Scuttle rarely appears as well.

The new characters included are not very good. Morgana is rubbish at
magic unlike her dead, skilled at magic sister Ursula, in fact, she
even 'takes' a potion of Ursula's magic. She copies her; She does
wriggles her tentacles while everything except her eyes fade to black,
the same her obese sibling did in the original film. Besides, she is
not a very practical villain. You don't immediately go and threaten to
have a beloved person dead for something important. That's like if you
held someone at gunpoint for the bank's money in real life. Morgana
then realizes she needs to manipulate an idea for the trident like
Ursula did.

It's like she wants to be like her sister. Despite envying her as she
was their mother's favourite. Morgana is determined to be only be her
mother's favourite by having her hands on the trident. The final battle
from her evil doings i.e. making an ice fortress with anyone bowing
down before her wasn't very comfortable but hardly that scary. Ursula's
final battle was possibly the darkest Disney ever produced. The
enormous, powerful Ursula controlling the ocean like a sinister god
with the menacingly dark colours at night scared the living daylights
of quite some people and they also feared the obese cecaelia alone. Her
much thinner sister is only a faint trace of her wickedness.

A penguin and walrus named Tip and Dash seemed Artic equivalents to
Timon and Pumbaa in both appearance and personality. Undertow is not
needed especially as a grumbling piranha. Morgana's minions which are
manta rays Cloak and Dagger are silent but not intimidating. Ursula's
minions which are eels Flotsam and Jetsam who are also dead, were
possibly intimidating by their irregular voices and hideous look like
their master. The French Chef, Louis was his name? Still wants to cook
Sebastian. Man, really. As he said, he's old(er) and too small for a

Grimsby and Carlotta never(if not rarely) speak as well as barely them
appearing in the whole film. Triton looks younger and why did he did
nothing when Morgana kissed Melody?

The animation is poor quality. It's bright,garish and quite a rough
frame rate. I don't like it when there's that smooth visual thing by
rough frames that is also probably present in The Return of Jafar. The
original was much better, possibly one thing that built its success.
Compared to the labour of hand drawn and painted cels, this is merely
digitally coloured ink and coloured done with little effort. Although
the film's animation is not as bad as the 1992 TV series with the same
name which is indeed poor at times.

The songs are childish and possibly forgettable. I can't sit more than
6 seconds on one continuously. The original film had a good variety of
songs as well as better ones. From a Calypso music themed 'Under the
Sea' which won an Oscar to a spirited music like one 'Part of Your
World' particularly the last reprise of the latter.

Fortunately, most of the original cast reprised here. This was also
Buddy Hackett's final voice-over for a film, who plays the often absent
Scuttle here and in the original, d.2003. Eric's original voice-over
hasn't reprised and he sounds embarrassingly different. The others are
fine though Ariel sounds deeper as she is now grown up and all. Morgana
sounds like Ursula as it was the same voice-over as both the cecaelia
sisters, Pat Carroll.

Another sad thing is this was released on my birthday. I got good news
and bad news about the Disney's direct to video films. The good news is
Disney will finally end production to them. The bad news is some more
will be made i.e. Tinkerbell prequels. Why is it CGI whereas Peter Pan
is traditional yet set after them?

Well, that's about what I could say. This is not a good film. It is
indeed better off never made and is needless like most of Disney's DtV
films Watch if you're a die hard TLM fan and rent it instead of buying
it unless you want it to fill your collection.


I loved the first Little Mermaid. I know the songs, I love the
characters and I love the story. I can't say anything like that about
The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea. It was terrible. Let's start
with the story. The plot was a reversed copy of the first movie. Same
situations, except in reverse! Ariel wanted to live on land, her
daughter Melody (creative name) wants to live in the sea. Ariel was
tricked by Ursula, Melody is tricked by Ursula's sister, Morgana.
Ursula had a sister?? Not sure where that came from. Besides being a
strange copy of the first movie, this movies plot seemed tired and was
uninteresting compared to the first movie. Now the characters: 1.
Ariel- What happened to her??!! No longer the spunky, headstrong
teenager we all knew and loved from the first movie, she has now "grown
up" and her personality went down the drain. Her singing voice wasn't
as strong either, due to either Jodi Benson being a lot older, or the
songs being so terrible that her talent was wasted. 2. Prince Eric-
While he didn't have a lot of personality in the first movie, like all
Disney princes, somehow his new voice and his very few lines made him
even more robotic. To top it off, he just can't seem to defend himself,
and Ariel becomes the tough one of the two. 3. Sebastian- Say goodbye
to the lovable crustacean from the first movie, because a whiny,
aggravating little crab just took his place. He also had no good songs
in this movie. You can almost forget the glory he earned from singing
the incredible "Under the Sea" and "Kiss the Girl" from the first
movie, and it is very sad. 4. Flounder- They destroyed him!! He is not
cute anymore, his voice is terrible, and he has kids now?? Who's the
mother??? 5. Morgana- She appears to be Ursula's sister out for revenge
against her mother, who always picked Ursula over her. So she plans to
get King Triton's trident to become the new ruler of the sea. Sound
familiar? Anyway, she's a very cliché villain and falls short of
Ursula's greatness as a villain. She epically fails at witchcraft,
she's not very tough, and not threatening at all. 6.Melody- Ariel and
Eric's daughter. Ironic name because she, unlike Ariel, can't sing. Her
voice is annoying, her friends (a walrus and a penguin?? Really?!) are
not funny or likable, and she's exactly the same as Ariel, in reverse
and not as likable. Skip this one. Don't watch any Disney sequel except
for Lion King 2. This movie butchered the classic that lives in all our
pleasant memories. I will look back at this movie and just laugh.

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