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  • The Marc Pease Experience
    • The Marc Pease Experience
    • Runtime:84 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-16 08:00:51
    • Director: Todd Louiso
    • Genres: Comedy
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:The Marc Pease Experience


Please, I implore you don't rent or buy this movie. I am upset that
there isn't a committee to screen movies like this. It was so so so
boring and NEVER went anywhere, no jokes, no smirks, no love, I'm
amazed this movie even got produced. I love Ben Stiller, Zoolander is
one of the best shows of all time but this show is a HUGE WASTE of
time. This show may have been made in an attempt to please a specific
audience. My guess is those who enjoy shows like "High School Musical",
of which I am not a big fan, but I can still respect because of the
talents that it exploits. This show, The Marc Pease Experience, however
lacked any redeeming factors that High School Musical had or any other
movie ever made…ever.


To balance the comment from Dec 10, I watched the film on its own
merits. I must say I found 'The Marc Pease Experience' enjoyable. Jason
Schwartzman did well in portraying the boy-man stuck in fear and in
life, but who finally finds voice and his way. I liked Ben Stiller's
schlocky affectations as the 'virtuoso' high school music director.
Jason Schwartzman did fine with his role. The characters were slightly
formulaic, perhaps, but the acting worked and you were pulled into the
plot and movie. Predictable is not always a bad thing. The film was
light-hearted but still had some human dilemmas you could emphasize
with. All in all this was a pleasant and heartwarming film.


As a fan of Jason Schwartzman, I check his profile from time to time.
Reading the brief synopses of his upcoming films. On reading this one
for The Marc Pease Experience, I was quite excited to see it. But I
needn't of, for it was quite a disappointment. The overall tone of the
film stunk of second hand rip offs of, funnily enough other Jason
Schwartzman films. His high school obsessed character rings true of Max
Fischer in Rushmore and even Ben Stillers character comes off as the
Herman Blume type. Someone who encourages Schwartzman's character
before turning into his rival, not in the same entire quantity but with
subtle similarities. With it's often offbeat approach to supporting
characters and subplots, it rings off a bit like I Heart Huckabees.
Again with subtle similarities in its attempted quirky style. But with
these similarities the film falters, it lacks it's own coherent style.
It has a Hollywood plot and structure in its three acts. And it's more
predictable then it is funny. Schwartzman tries his best and it pays
off in the smallest of bits in the film, but Ben Stiller is entirely
wasted. The film was not appalling, but it was certainly not very good.

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