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  • The Message
    • The Message
    • Runtime:127 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-18 19:07:47
    • Director: Moustapha Akkad
    • Genres: Adventure, Biography, Drama, History, War
    • Studio:


The Cinematography is breathtaking, and the several full-scale battles
are as well executed as any comparable ones of the time and the script
and the story went under huge study by scholars to make sure that it
does not violate Islamic rules in any manner. i don't think there will
be a braver person who can make another movie like this or even close
to this without awakening the extremists and causing big fights between
them. This movie sums up the Islamic beliefs and life of Prophet
Mohammed (PBUH) in a detailed way. For those who want to know more to
the origin of Islam, this is a very interesting and entertaining way to
do so. All the facts in the story are written in the books, so no
scenes were added to the original events. Please all note that the
prophet Face is never shown due to the extreme respect Muslims have to
the prophet for not allowing any other human to act like him…

I highly recommend that you guys all take a look and watch this movie
with your family. You have no idea what you are missing out on. This
movie will make you happy and make you cry whether you are male or
female it cannot help but have a wonderful and utmost powerful effect
on you whether you like it or not….


i have watched this movie more than one time ,i really like it,it
reveals a very good picture of Islam but to know the whole truth ,a
more than one movie must be produced because the whole life of prophet
Muhammad can't be made in only 3 hours!! As a Muslim i am jealous about
my religion and i can't accept a single bad word about it.God ordered
us to argue with the people of Book(Christians and Jews)with logic and
good advice.

Islam never considered Christians and Jews as a second class people,
Islam gave them the religious freedom means they are free to convert to
Islam or not,those who don't convert to Islam have to pay the gizya
which was small tax compared to the zakah which was paid by Muslims
themselves every year,they paid this tax in order to be protected by
the Islamic army because they will not join an army to defend a
religion which is not theirs!!,unless they really want to join the
Islamic army ,that will be their choice.

Even prophet Muhammad told his army when they enter any city : not to
kill a woman ,a child , an old man,never to destroy any church, leave
the people of this city free to have their own religion.

Even when the Islamic army entered Egypt and Jerusalem or any other
country, they treated the priests there with a very honorable
treatment, never force them to convert into Islam.Islam considered all
the people whether Muslim,Christian or Jews at the same level they are
all equal in rights and duties. when Muhammad entered Al-Medina (which
means the city in Arabic),he found there the Jews ,he made treaty with
them:to free in their religion and to protect the city together against
any enemy ,he didn't make them stand as one line and chop their heads
that is not correct.

and at last for the rights of both men and women,yes they have the same
rights as in education,being equal in duties and rights ,both can
Inherit (as before Muhammad woman can't inherit and was considered a
bad omen) But Islam gave the woman her dignity and all her rights.but
also Islam considered the man as the breadwinner of the family so he
takes a higher share than the woman in heritage, but also he is
responsible for serving her and get here all her needs ,Islam also put
the steps to make the husband and his wife living a very lovely life

i hope i have corrected all your incorrect ideas about Islam and please
if u r interested in Islam read more about and have a good
understanding of Koran verses not only take a piece of it and say that
is the Islam,understand the whole verse please and if u want a good
beginning i recommend this: HTTP://www.inspiredbymuhammed.com/ please
feel comfortable to contact me for any about Islam and i shall do my
best to help u Al Salam Alikom (peace be upon u)

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