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  • The Mothman Prophecies
    • The Mothman Prophecies
    • Runtime:119 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-18 19:07:10
    • Director: Mark Pellington
    • Genres: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:The Mothman Prophecies


Mothman Prophecies brought for me that genuine emotion of "the
unknown". Brilliantly executed cliffhangers and screenplay made it all
the more worthwhile. Gere & Laura Linney were great, Will Patton's
character symbolises from the viewers point of a person from the
outside looking in. The steady cam shots really boosted the films
performance in general.

Having never read the book and knowing very little about the real
events other then a couple wikipedia searches, I was thrown into a
whole new world in terms of the subject matter. Even though I don't
believe in ghosts and such…as the ending credits rolled I was left
with a question whispering in my head "could it be real?". And that I
think must've have been director Mark Pellington's intention because
wow; it's been a long time since I've had the opportunity to see a film
that although styled like a horror – really brings out the human aspect
of fear rather than a dramatical gore fest with no real back story.

One last thing, the score and choice of soundtrack has to be heavily
credited; there's some scenes in this film where you start becoming
unconscious of your own breathing and really dive right into what's
being thrown at you. So, in conclusion this is definitely worth adding
to my collection. Whether true or fictitious The Mothman Prophecies
definitely delivers quality entertainment with a twist!


The Mothman Prophecies claims to be inspired by true events, but when
you take into account that this is science fiction, you approach the
film excepting a good part of it to be fictionalized. Regardless of how
much is accurate and how much is not, what is more important I think is
the fact that the movie is entertaining. Not only that, but by the end,
you kind of want to believe it. This is interesting material.

The material concerns strange happenings in the town of Point Pleasant
on the Ohio/West Virginia Border. The citizens of this good Christian
community have been haunted for months by unknown forces. Some have
heard things, some have seen things, some have even made sketches of
that which they have seen. The sketches all portray something non human
with black wings. John Klein, a reporter for the Washington Post is in
town investigating. He is drawn to this mystery because, he lost his
wife a couple years earlier from brain damage, but she left behind a
sketch of the black winged figure. While in town, Klein starts to
receive strange phone calls, a potential warning of something dangerous
to come. Who can he turn to?, how much time does he have?

Photography plays a key role in the movie. Director Mark Pellington
invests plenty of time into atmosphere. The Mothman Prophecies is dark,
which seems appropriate, but it chooses not so much to be a
claustrophobic heavy thriller, but rather a more mystique one. The
camera is very loose for most of the picture, with a lot of wide shots,
most of them up high, some of them featuring a sweeping mobile frame.
The movie also plays with camera focus, motion blur, and film grain for
artistic and psychological effects. Without looking too stagy, the
movie's style works.

The Mothman Prophecies also relies on a compelling lead to drive the
story. Richard Gene, though not a terrific actor is not a bad one
either. He does a pretty good job in the movie, playing the role
appropriately, without over doing or under doing it. Backing him up is
Laura Linney, who is actually a better actor. Her role is much smaller
and gives her less to work with, but she does it with total naturalism.
I don't think I can say the same about Will Patton. He himself strikes
me as a bit of an over actor, sometimes he is good, sometimes not. In
the Mothman Propecies, there are times when he sounds like he is
actually struggling to NOT raise his voice or exaggerate his posture.

The Mothman Prophecies, is a thriller that requires a viewer's
attention. this is not a dumb feature, and it's not a dull one either.
I liked it for what it was, there is room for improvement, but it is
certainly recommendable.


Based on actual events that occurred in the 60's. John and Mary Klein
are a happy couple who have just purchased a new house. The excitement
over their new place is short-lived when they have a car accident
following the purchase. Mary winds up in the hospital with a head
injury, but the CT scans reveal that she has something far worse wrong
with her. She eventually dies, leaving a devastated John to discover
that she had been drawing sketches of moth-like figures during her time
at the hospital. A year passes, and John is scheduled to do an
interview for his Washington Post job. On his drive to the interview,
he mysteriously winds up in Point Pleasant, West Virginia with no
recollection of how he got so far out of his way. Mysterious events are
plaguing this small town, events that may be connected to what happened
to his wife.

I first saw this way back on opening night and loved it. As someone who
is really into the unexplained, myths and legends, this film is right
up my alley. The story of the Mothman is one of the most fascinating
I've ever come across, and while The Mothman Prophecies takes a great
deal of liberty with the story, it's a terrific film all the same.

I've never cared for Richard Gere, but I fully admit that he's very
good here. He nails the confused, distraught mental state of John
Klein, and is very believable in the role. Laura Linney is also solid,
though that's no surprise. The standout, though, is Will Patton. One of
my favorite character actors, his portrayal of the rugged Gordon
Smallwood, an individual who seems to have a deep connection to the
Mothman, is absolutely perfect. This guy rarely fails to impress the
hell out of me. He just has an awesome screen presence.

The abnormal occurrences throughout the film certainly produce an
unsettling atmosphere. Coupled with eerie imagery and surreal filming
techniques, they help the film become quite nightmarish. The use of
sound is most effective as well, with all sorts of bizarre noises being
heard, including the odd screeching noise that the Mothman was said to
have made in some of the real accounts. We also get a moody score
that's a perfect fit for the film. Just listening to the soundtrack is
guaranteed to give you chills. I know from experience. Speaking of
chills, one of my favorite scenes is when Klein speaks with the Mothman
entity, having dubbed itself Indrid Cold, on his motel room's phone.
It's a wonderfully tense scene, and Cold's voice gets under your skin.

The effects of the occurrences on the small town of Point Pleasant are
well explored, as many different aspects and accounts are introduced.
The town itself comes off as a bleak and unnerving place. Almost
lifeless. The occurrences have basically killed off the town's
livelihood. Gere's John Klein becomes increasingly paranoid the longer
he stays in Point Pleasant, and when his dead wife appears to the
sheriff, he becomes increasingly tortured. It isn't long before he's
driven to a distant and isolated state of being, much like Gordon
before him.

The climactic scenes do not disappoint either. The scene where Klein
realizes what is really going to happen makes for a powerful moment,
and the final scenes on the Silver Bridge are as tense and suspenseful
as they are exciting. It's a very well-done climax, both dramatically
and from a technical standpoint. A fine way to finish the film.

Overall, this is a deeply eerie, surreal piece of work. Nightmarish
really is the best word for it. It also has interesting characters and
some emotional moments. I'm a big fan.


Imagine the dullest monster movie you've ever seen. Even whatever
derivative, lowbudget, imaginationdeficient trash you're currently
thinking of featured a monster, right? The Mothman Prophecies takes the
approach of Roland Emmerich's horrible Godzilla remake: surely
audiences are more interested in the boringass life of some journalist
than the monster of the title, right? However, where Godzilla at least
managed to remember to include some scenes of its titular monster
fussing up shizz, this movie does not feature the Mothman, at all,
ever. Just take a moment to reread that sentence, please. In a movie
called The Mothman Prophecies, based on the Mothman phenomenon (a
series of sightings of a creepy, manlike winged being in Point
Pleasant, West Virginia, 1966-67), the Mothman does not appear. There
is not a single frame of this movie that features even the smallest
body part of the Mothman. What we get instead is Richard Gere's
character, driving around aimlessly at night, sitting in his hotel room
at night, or talking to the boring locals at night. You know, the sort
of scenes that should build tension, making the monster's appearance
that much more effective. But since there is no such appearance, we get
instead two hours of sustained tedium. Honestly, what's next? A Batman
movie about some Gotham City cop who just patrols the streets for two
hours, not even encountering any crimes, occasionally thinking about
Batman, whom he has never seen, & never will, because he's not in the
film? A James Bond movie that focuses on the grieving widow of some
evil henchman, wondering what the man who killed him looked like, but
not knowing, because she's never met him & he's not in the film?
Actually, both of those sound far more interesting than this movie. If
you'll excuse me, I've got to fly to Hollywood to make some pitches.

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