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  • The Reef
    • The Reef
    • Runtime:94 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-23 12:02:38
    • Director: Andrew Traucki
    • Genres: Drama, Horror, Thriller
    • Studio:


Has similar premise as Open Water but is done a lot better. The
characters are a lot better (no endless bickering for 3/4 of the movie)
and the shark is both a real threat and clearly seen throughout the
movie. This was the movie i was hoping Open Water would be.

The film is not fast paced or action orientated with all the attacks
being quick but impactful. We have a lot of pov shots at water level
and a views of under the water to slowly build the tension. I found
this more than effective.

The direction is tight and the acting is decent. The shark itself seems
to be real footage of a great white mixed in with the actors and it
works really well. In fact i would say this is one if not the only
shark film that does this seamlessly.

Without a doubt The Reef is one of the best shark films ever and i
highly recommend it to anyone that loves animal attacks films or
sharks. SYFY should take note on how to do a animal attack film right
by watching this film.


Yesterday, i launched the reef without any expectations – as usual i
might say – but during the next 90 min my eyes and brain were connected
with the reef.

If you skip the introduction, i thought the movie is near to be perfect
- actors, music, landscape, etc. – everything is designed and realized
to reach one goal : Intensity.

Yes, the reef is really intense, this is one of the best movie to
transcribe so well this kind of situation, i really enjoyed each part
of the open water scene and the intensity / dangerousity are very well
controlled and launched (i was in the water with the Australian folks )

Many thanks to the director Andrew Trauck … It was GREAT man !

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