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  • The Return of Jafar
    • The Return of Jafar
    • Runtime:69 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-24 14:26:27
    • Director: Toby Shelton
    • Genres: Animation, Family, Fantasy, Musical
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:The Return of Jafar


I am very pleased with this movie. It takes daring turns and it has a
charm. Not to mention a pretty cool and dramatic opening. Iago turning
good was kinda hilarious, since he is so greedy. And Jafar as the more
powerful red Genie was pretty awesome as well. Very well executed. Too
bad it wasn't on cinema with a higher budget, though. But regardless, I
love it. By the way; another reviewer here named Mary (can probably see
her the first review that appears on this article) stated a false fact,
embarrassingly enough. She said "It's actually one of my favorite
sequels, and not to mention Disney's very FIRST sequel." … ever heard
of The Rescuers Down Under, you schmuck?!


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The annoying parrot gets free from the lamp where Jafar was condemned
and he joins up with the good guys and then the genie returns from
vacation and then Jafar makes his way back, it was boring. Disneys
first ever direct to video sequel and with good reasoning.

I am not a big fan of Disney, especially how they take a story and give
it a ton of sequels with a lame story just so kids will HAVE to have it
and they can make more money on it. This movies production values were
low and not as beautiful as part one. Robin Williams being gone hurt it
as well, because, lets face it, the genie is the star. I also hated how
he had his cuffs back like they were fancy bracelets because Disney
felt it "looked better". I also hated the music with passion, these
songs were so outrageously stupid.

Most of the cast is back, Godfrey is on board as the parrot, Jason
Alexander shows up here doing a voice and Dan Castellaneta (the voice
of Homer Simpson) does the genie this time.

It was a bad movie and I was bored out of my mind. Kids may like it, if
they are the kind of kids that like all cartoons. 2/10 stars.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Though Aladdin was a GREAT movie, I think Return of Jafar won my
approval over it by .5. I love the tension in the movie and the power.
Jafar possesses is like his own ultimatum. There's enough tension in
there that you feel like you're being squeezed. It's awesome. And I
love Jafar so his 'winning' is like a plus. Abis Mal is so stupid
though that there's enough comedy relief too; it's good. And all the
characters are already introduced. My favorite part in the movie is
when Abis Mal wishes for things that Jafar takes literally (and on
purpose, which what makes it so hilarious) and finally Abis Mal
realizes he'll never get what he wants until Jafar gets what HE wants.
I think it's just a great movie and anyone who liked Aladdin will like
it's sequel.


The original is one of my favourite Disney movies. This movie isn't
terrible, but it is fair to say, it is the worst out of the Aladdin
trilogy. If you want a really good DTV sequel, check out Aladdin and
the King of Thieves (the best DTV sequel) or Beauty and the Beast:The
Enchanted Christmas.

The characters were less appealing here.Most of the voice actors
return, but all of them sound different. Aladdin and Jasmine were less
mature here, as well as the Sultan. Jafar wasn't as frightening or as
humorous as he was in the first movie, and Iago is sometimes annoying,
unlike King of Thieves, when he is actually funny. Dan Castellanetta
does a serviceable job as the genie(he is funny at times), but it just
isn't the same without Robin Williams. The worst character was Abis
Mal, I absolutely hate that character. He just grates on my nerves. The
animation sometimes looks nice, but at other times, it has a rather
nasty quality about it. Almost all the characters look poorly drawn,
and I really didn't want to say this. Even the Genie wasn't up to top
animation standard. It wasn't the backgrounds as such, some were very
nice, it was the character animation that was the problem.

As for the songs, they aren't dreadful, but they are the weakest batch
in any Disney movie. Iago's singing made my ears bleed, and "Second
Rate" sounded as though Jonathan Freeman was struggling with the song.
(No wonder, it is very hard)I don't know about you but the old woman in
the chair bit I found creepy as a kid. The best song in my opinion is
"there is nothing in the world quite like a Friend" which has a decent
melody. Also Liz Callaway has a nice singing voice. I really liked the
incidental music though, and the scene of the winged horses.

The story was the biggest problem, it went at such a slow pace. Also
the villain back for revenge formula was over-familiar, and has been
done so much better before. I also disliked the fact that Iago seemed
to be the main character, when he was truly irritating here, and some
of the dialogue is very lame, there was one part when Aladdin says
something that is meant to be funny and he raises his eyebrows
cheekily, but I found myself groaning than laughing. I'm sorry, that's
my view. On a positive note, this film actually has one of the best
climaxes in a DTV sequel, and the voice acting if different was decent
especially Jonathan Freeman as Jafar.

This is a very disappointing sequel, especially when it was released
two years after the original. but on the bright side, it isn't as bad
as the Cinderella and Jungle Book sequels, which are both thinly
plotted. 6/10. Bethany Cox

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