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  • The Secret of My Succe$s
    • The Secret of My Succe$s
    • Runtime:111 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-18 00:51:48
    • Director: Herbert Ross
    • Genres: Comedy
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:The Secret of My Succe$s


'The Secret of My Success' is classic 80's cinema, with an incredible
performance by one of my favorite actors, M.J Fox. I remember the 80's
euphoria, as I am an Indian, I lived in India… I remember Mithun
dancing in his hit films, and loving him. M.J Fox was another
kid-favorite. Watching this film, just makes me go back in time and

'The Secret Of My Success' is about M.J Fox, who comes to make it big
in New York City, and then begins his youthful journey, which is FUN!
The ambitious kid inside you, the confidence to conquerer the World,
the believe, you become Brantley Foster from the very start. And the
series of events he goes through are so memorable. I just love this

Herbert Ross's direction is fantastic. Jim Cash's screenplay is full of
fun! Carlo Di Palma's Cinematography, like always, is striking. Paul
Hirsch's editing is crisp.

M.J Fox is an Icon. I've always loved him, be it this film, the Back To
The Future series or Teen Wolf. He is a magical actor, who's simply
lovable. Helen Slater is the only performer, who stands up to M.J Fox
and delivers a very likable performance.

On the whole, This is simply, 80's and M.J Fox at their best! From this
fan, Two Big Thumbs Up!


This happened to be on TV, and whenever I get a chance to watch
something that I have *never* heard of before for free, I sometimes
give it a chance, since there are countless undiscovered gems out there
that, for example, marketing people don't know how to sell to the
masses. Well, it isn't one. It's plain as they come. They made plenty
of flicks in the 80's(with the music of the period, for better or for
worse) dealing with stocks, suits and big money, and the reason I had
no idea this particular one existed is most likely that it does nothing
to stand out from this pile. If you can't see where this is going from
the very beginning, this must be your first exposure to a romantic
comedy about someone starting at the bottom. There are a few good jokes
and gags, but the majority just aren't anything special, and this
really did not make me laugh an awful lot. The humor includes
sit-com-like "miscommunications" and such. Fox, in spite of looking
surprisingly metro at times, is what makes this watchable. The acting
is fine. Characters, script, editing, cinematography, all are about
average, with no real surprises. There is a little vague sexuality(and
some of it may disturb viewers) in this. I recommend this to big fans
of Michael J. and the decade it was made. 6/10


It'll make you dizzy in part as half the time in this film we see Fox's
character juggling 2 different office identities in the same company
(which is far-fetched but since this is a comedy, I digress), however
it is also a crisp and sharp piece that examines big business and its
effects on the common working man. Ross wasn't trying to wax
philosophic on his viewers though— this is meant to be a fun film,
and it truly is. It is very funny in parts, and basically mildly funny
at all other times. There's no real lull in this movie that seems
boring but you'll only laugh out loud three of four times throughout
the course of the film, even if you are a big Fox fan. To be honest, an
episode of "Spin City" probably has twice as many laughs packed inside
of a twenty-two minute episode than this whole movie had. Fox makes
this film work though, and generally whenever there's a laugh to be
had, it's a line or action Fox was responsible for. The supporting cast
is quite good, though Fred Gwynne is sorely underused and when he is
introduced in the final moments of the film, he is given absolutely no
funny material to work with. That was probably the major disappointment
of this movie for me, but other than that, it's pretty sharply-written,
directed, the music is first-rate and you truly root for Fox
throughout. 8 out of 10 stars.

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