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  • The Secret of NIMH
    • The Secret of NIMH
    • Runtime:82 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-22 09:12:19
    • Director: Don Bluth
    • Genres: Animation, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
    • Studio:


2D animation is the best thing in the whole world. they were
everywhere. Disney, Dreamworks Animation, Universal Pictures, you name
it. that's why I like this movie. with a lot of talented effort,
magical craft to the book, lots of memorable characters, a grand moral
lesson to teach your kids, and a scary villain who is sure to give you

the animation was beautiful, the music score was awesome, the heart and
humor were magically crafted, and the characters were amazing. lots of
kids from all over the world will always love this movie with all their
hearts along with their families.


I got this movie out on DVD a couple of years ago I throut it was going
to be good but not really a good movie of the 80s its not really
adventures or wild like some other films it was just okay maybe some
people throut it was good but to me it was okay it does not beat movies
like star wars or The love bug or babe it had no hip hop songs it was
just like 1957 film OK its cartoon mouse that finds magic and trys to
save her family there is no point in why what I think of the movie it
just needed to lighten up bit like some movies did. but I did want to
watch it but feeling it was bit cheesy so maybe I should watch bit more
of this movie I have not seen it in 7 years I am 14 now but maybe I had
need to light up with one of these movies I don't hate it its was
little bit boring and I almost feel asleep to it what was I thinking
its not that bad and not that good it was okay I have to agree with
some people it had some taste but not a lot of taste okay I have
nothing else to say about this movie. maybe great for kids but older
people would not like it.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Secret of NIMH is based on Newberry Medal winner book about a widow
mouse and her children. Their home is endanger by the farmer and must
be move but there is only one problem; her youngest son is ill and
cannot be moved. She ends up get help from super-intelligent rats of

The movie is better than the book but they changed and cut stuff from
the book. They changed Mrs. Frisby to Mrs. Brisby, they did not tell
more detail of the rats when they were in NIMH and after they escape.
They made Jenner a villain in the movie and they kill off Nicodemus in
the film while in the book he did not die. It's stills a good animated
film with the action and suspense. If they remade this more like the
book I would love to hear Meryl Streep, Brad Pitt and Ian McKellen
voices in it.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The above title may confuse you. Let me explain. This film is one of
the greatest animated classics ever released and it's in danger of
being forgotten. Only a few people are willing to promote it, and I
think more people should watch this before it's forgotten altogether!
But I digress, here's what I thought.

"The Secret of NIMH" is about a mother's struggle to keep her son alive
after he falls ill. By trying to enlist the help of the mysterious rats
of NIMH, she hopes to save him and her home.

The best thing I like about this movie is about how seriously it takes
it's audience. Sure, it's for kids, but Don Bluth (the creator) pulls
no punches in making the world a much darker place in this movie. In
the ending sequence, 3 people are killed, the main character's home is
nearly destroyed and her children almost killed! What? Child friendly
family fun? Sorry, not here.

I can't fault this film in any way, other than it rushes itself a
little too much, meaning some things may not have time to sink in
properly after watching them the first time through.

Overall, seek this out. You won't regret it.

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