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  • The Shortcut
    • The Shortcut
    • Runtime:100 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-24 18:27:43
    • Director: Nicholaus Goossen
    • Genres: Horror, Thriller
    • Studio:


I didn't have very high expectations for this movie, but I was at least
hoping for a few good jump scares, and maybe a few robbed hours of
sleep that night.

My hopes were shattered when, a minute into the movie, we see two
teenagers at a homecoming dance in the fall of 1945, the boy talking
about how he ships out in two weeks to fight the Nazis. (All of Nazi
Germany had surrendered by May 11, 1945.) The movie went downhill from
there. I was giggling two minutes in, and ready to turn it off at the
opening credits, which blatantly rip off "Se7en's." But, against my
better judgement, I stayed with the sinking ship, and wish I hadn't.

Everything about the movie had been done before, and better, by others.
The plot was weak to say the least, and the ending was stupid and
implausible, which robbed it of any genuine shock it had the potential
to hold. If the movie had at least had some decent character
development, I might have been able to forgive it…but five minutes
in, I was actually praying for the characters' deaths, and nothing
changed. I was groaning out loud at the pathetic "bantering" dialogue,
and there were jarring continuity errors as well. When I wasn't
giggling, I was nearly falling asleep. As I said, there was no story,
no emotion, not even any gore for slasher fans. The shots were bland
and boring…I felt like I was watching a middle school's drama
production of an adaptation of "A Nightmare on Elm Street" without

Feeling like I'd been robbed of eighty-five minutes of my life, I
turned on the director's commentary to try to understand his
reasoning…only to find that he had none. His opening comments were:
"Hi. If you can hear my voice right now, then that means that you're
watching the DVD." Fifteen minutes in, I'd discovered that I knew more
about directing a film than he did.

I turned off my television and had a good cry, and I'm still trying to
erase the whole experience from my mind. I can only implore you all not
to waste your time or money on it.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I can only say that I called it from the start. However, to the movie's
benefit (maybe) there was a twist at the end. Not that it was
interpretable, unless you stretch a lot of information that seemed to
be extremely compressed throughout the movie.

First of all, if you are looking for gore, this is not your movie.
Blood, yes. Death, yes. A lot? No. In fact, the movie seems to focus
away from that type of action. Second, if you are looking for cheap
thrills, this is not your movie. No shock value, no
popping-up-behind-the-hero-value… nothing. There is a chase scene,
but not much of one.

In fact, this movie seems to try to be more of a psychological
thriller. Why family sticks together, perhaps. A brother stands up for
his brother, but only to a certain extent. In the end, when the main
character sees first hand what happens to families that hide a hideous
secret, he still chooses to follow that same path. There is no resolve
to this story. No morale. No message.

For those hoping for a happy ending: better luck next movie. For those
wishing for gore and bloodshed: better luck next movie. For those
wishing for a psychological drama: this was a mediocre attempt.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I did not have deep expectations for this movie when i stuck it in the
DVD player. It started like an old school thriller that gives the
viewer pretty much the idea how it will develop and run.I expected a
better start than a cheap slasher flick scene which tells you how the
movie would turn out. The cast is way better than the inadequate story
line. Music riffs are well crafted to add more to the fear otherwise it
would only fall flat . I can say this is an offshoot of Adam Sandler's
motion picture company and i really need to give 10 out of 10 for the
photography and the music director of this movie. Picture is worth an
ovation. What i did not really understand was why instead of calling
the police to track down the house of the alleged slasher guys are
trying to break into the man's garage where they find weird things .
The cliché is how the cast is trying to scare themselves off backing up
the music . btw another cliché is sex innuendos the main characters are
having in the car while lurking on the killer. I guess concealment is
more important than making out in the car where you are heck close to
the slasher . dude watch out he may come and slash you . another
cliché to spoil about is the guys perusing the garage of the slasher
almost all through the movie . the director is quite nitwit to use
these old school Hollywood clichés to scare the teenager audience . I
would not recommend this movie for people who have a lot of
expectations from a horror flick . I would be totally bewildered if in
one movie the phone signal is available when the victims try to call
911. Almost in every slasher movie the cellphone is used for the
despairing feeling the runners hold onto .i am rating this flick 3 out
of 10 . Evren Buyruk from USA

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