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  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
    • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
    • Runtime:89 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-23 12:02:23
    • Director: Tobe Hooper
    • Genres: Comedy, Horror
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2


This putrid offering doesn't deserve a review of any substantial

Usually I would say a sequel to any memorable film is worth a viewing
just to see where it went or even how bad it was…

Not in this case. This one is the absolute bottom of the barrel and
goes below "so bad it's good" into "so bad I wish I was dead." The
glowing reviews floating around must seriously be some kind of campaign
by people who profit somehow from DVD sales and rentals.

Other than maybe Highlander 2, I have never seen another sequel that so
completely lost every single aspect of what was good about the
original. The gore in this is laughable. The jokes are not. The
murderous family isn't the least bit scary PLUS they now have
Gallagher's sense of humor. The acting is rancid from start to finish.

Screw this crap. I'm out.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I suppose the proper way to take this movie is to look at it as a joke,
which is explained a number of times here in the reviews. But jokes
that need to be explained are not particularly funny jokes, and while
yes, this movie is bizarre and contains some flashes of the first
film's genius, it's an overall tedious and poorly conceived project.
Even a bad movie taken as satire should be entertaining, and "TCM2" is
only marginally enjoyable.

The first big problem is a nonsense opening sequence where a pair of
moronic kids are sawed up by Leatherface in one of the most improbable
death scenes in movie history. Due to the fact that the kids were on
their car phone at the time with a local radio DJ, the DJ records the
murder, which is really nothing more than some chainsaw sound effects
and screaming followed by a car crash. Dennis Hopper arrives with a
personal vendetta against the chainsaw family, and he lures the pretty
female DJ, nicknamed "Stretch", into playing the audio over the air
constantly until the chainsaw family hears it. Leatherface and his
"other" brother, a freak known as "Chop Top", arrive at the station to
terrorize the DJ. Leatherface takes a liking to her, though, perhaps
due to her short-shorts, and he lets her live. She can't leave well
enough alone, and she follows them home to their secret hideout: an
abandoned amusement park. Seriously! They live in a series of
underground tunnels below the park, which is absolutely littered with
skeletons and rotting corpses. Surely the family's cannibalistic
shenanigans would demand a less conspicuous home base? Another
memorable aspect of this movie is Dennis Hopper's kooky performance as
a revenge-obsessed nutso who decides to fight fire with fire and brings
along a chainsaw of his own while chasing after the clan. The film goes
horribly wrong, though, by being utterly contrived and silly.

Even if it was supposed to be a satire, it could have at least been
funny. It's more shrill than anything else, with meandering dialogue
and scenes that go nowhere. The old man character especially gets stuck
with a lot of drivel that just goes on and on, whereas in the first
film he was used sparingly. Leatherface has none of the menace or
morbid fascination that he once had, but instead is played for laughs,
especially when he falls in love with the heroine.


One of the all-time great horror movies gets a sequel a dozen years
later. Don't go into it expecting the first film. That's a mistake.
This is more of an 80s cheese-fest, deliberately campy and entirely
insane. The same family of murderers and cannibals returns. They now
live in an abandoned amusement park and are occasionally slaughtering
victims for decoration/meat purposes. One of their murders (of two
'80s-style douchebags) is captured live on the radio by a late-night DJ
(Caroline Williams). A police lieutenant who has been on the chainsaw
massacre case (Dennis Hopper) hooks up with her in order to fish for
the murderers. Despite the film's general lack of acclaim, Hooper has a
lot to be proud of with this movie. It's so crazy and over-the-top that
I found it hard not to love. I mean, come on: don't tell me you
couldn't watch Dennis Hopper go nuts with a chainsaw. There does come a
point near the end when all the screaming and chainsawing started to
give me a bit of a headache, but otherwise I enjoyed the Hell out of

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