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  • The Thirteenth Floor
    • The Thirteenth Floor
    • Runtime:100 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-23 12:02:51
    • Director: Josef Rusnak
    • Genres: Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:The Thirteenth Floor


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie sets up a big surprise ending, that you figure out is going
to happen well before it does, spoiling the surprise, really.

A bunch of computer programmers create a virtual reality world based on
1937. But the guy who owns the company that spends billions on a
computer program that seems to serve no purpose leaves a note for his
partner. Except he leaves the note inside the computer program. Except
that one of the CGI characters reads it, realizes he's a program. But
really, the modern people are the programs. But if you die in the
program, then the program character takes over your body.

Wow, can you guess how all of this is going to end. Especially when you
find out the guy who has been hijacking our character is a real
jerkwad, and the leading lady would rather knock boots with the


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Just recently this movie was brought to my attention and Damn, i liked
it! This is a very similar movie to the "Matrix" and it's
understandable why the ladder broke through being a pulse pounding,
adrenaline free fall, with ultimately a good cast and script, it's
nothing to shake your head at. But neither is this story of a group of
computer geeks that have generated, with the help of a whole floor of
computers, the possibility to simulate other time periods. But
something strange is happening and people are getting murdered. Is our
existence based on a complex computer code, where worlds are built
on-top of worlds, and strangers shift through imaginary lives playing
out their dreams and desires? Well it's worth checking out its got a
long curve ball motion to it that gets you in the end. I would compare
this to "Dark City", "Tron" and "Brainscan", if you like that alternate
universe of games theory. Ten stars.


Well, well. What a surprise I got here watching this 11 years old

After watching the Inception, searching about reviews on it on the net
and more good Sci-Fi movies, I noticed the name of this movie.

I can tell you that I was amazingly surprised of the quality, act,
story, ambiance and the final twist of this movie. Although there are
not much CGI compared to these days movies, it keeps the viewer hooked
to the story and characters.

For me it is in the same category as Dark City, The Matrix and now the

Very underrated. A great solid, multi layer and feel good Sci-Fi movie.
One of those at the end you start looking around thinking, What If …!


First of all, no computer programme can create REAL people. You need a
nervous system to feel anything. In a virtual world, there are no
nervous systems. Characters in a controlled universe may act like they
feel or know, because that's how they may be programmed. But they will
never actually feel or know anything. That's the obvious reason this
movie is a pile of self-important but
impossible-to-even-consider-taking-seriously crap. Add to that the mind
boggling extreme silliness about a character from the virtual world
taking the place of someone in the real world, and you really must
question: How the hell did this Matrix craze catch on outside of mental
hospitals? 3 out of ten just for the murder mystery.

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