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  • Thelma & Louise
    • Thelma & Louise
    • Runtime:127 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-20 11:10:26
    • Director: Ridley Scott
    • Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Thelma & Louise


A housewife and her waitress friend plan a brief getaway, but end up as
fugitives on the lam. What sets this apart from other road films of its
type is the distaff pairing. Other than that, it doesn't plow any new
ground, but the Oscar-winning script by Khouri is an entertaining
mixture of action, drama, and comedy. As the renegade duo, Sarandon and
Davis are terrific not only individually but also playing off each
other. As a hunky hitchhiker, Pitt makes an impression, showing flashes
of his impending stardom. In a departure from his usual weirdo roles
during this period, Keitel plays a likable cop. Although he doesn't do
anything exceptional, Scott provides steady direction.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Two women drive off a cliff rather than live in a world with men.

That's about it, really. This is an absurd, violent, shrill,
hysterical, ugly squawk of a film: All men are evil, it turns out. Did
you know that? Who would have known it was that simple? That or

Well, good to be told, anyway.

It's become clear, looking back, that this is simply a product of its
times the way all the communist scare films of the fifties were. Which
is how the age of political correctness – which we are still in but
which first really came to full power around the turn of the nineties -
will be seen by the history books.

As well-rounded as a 1920's rally for the Ku Klux Klan, as gripping in
its depiction of human complexity as the SCUM Manifesto, I look forward
to the day when this film is seen for the vile & hateful misandric
propaganda that it is.


The crime drama Thelma & Louise is directed by Ridley Scott and stars
Susan Sarandon, Geena Davis, Harvey Keitel, Michael Madsen, and Brad
Pitt. The film takes place in modern day Arkansas.

Thelma (Davis) and Louise (Sarandon) are best friends and really need
to go on a trip to escape the pressures of everyday life. Thelma's
husband is extremely controlling and does not value her at all, so she
is reluctant at first to go on the trip but eventually accepts.
Louise's boyfriend Jimmy (Madsen) is a cool guy that really loves
Louise and it is safe to say that if Louise doesn't love him she
definitely feels quite strongly about him. While the two are at a bar
Thelma gets quite drunk and a man tries to take advantage of her in the
parking lot. Well when everything comes to an end Louise shoots the man
to protect Thelma but they must go on the run. Can a police detective,
Hal (Keitel), solve the murder and put the women in prison? Or will
they escape the grasp of the law and make it to Mexico? The screenplay
for this film by Callie Khouri is very original and a great twist to
the crime genre. While watching the film you really get a sense for the
characters and their personalities, and they never do anything outside
of their character. On the surface it is just a basic do a crime and
run type of film but with the added characterization and the
relationships the characters have with their husband/boyfriend it adds
another layer to the film. One thing that bothered me about this was
its resemblance to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid in the plot
loosely and the finale loosely as well.

Ridley Scott is one of the best directors Hollywood has to offer and
this is a film that shows his range as a director. At the time he is
really known for great science fiction films like Alien and Blade
Runner but he decided to mix it up with this one and I love it when
directors spice it up. Like usual he has many great shots which develop
the characters of the film allowing the audience to really know and
become attached to Thelma and Louise. Now is this one of Scott's best
films? Certainly not. But it is definitely worth noting when talking
about his impressive career.

Susan Sarandon really shines in this film as the role of Louise, and
the film put her on the map. Before this film she was known but after
she became a superstar who went on to win an Oscar. With this film she
showed her talent and earned an Oscar nomination as well as a woman who
wants to just take a break and have some fun, but obviously that isn't
what she gets. Her facial and voice expressions in this film were
absolutely remarkable and this is definitely my favorite film I've seen
her in even though I have not seen much of her repertoire.

Geena Davis delivers a superb performance also earning an Oscar
nomination for her role as Thelma. She was fun, cute girl escaping from
her husband and having a good time even after she almost got raped. Her
accent was great and the chemistry between her and Sarandon was
absolutely wonderful. It is a shame that her career never became
anything more than this, the only film I can remember her in after this
is with Michael J. Fox in Stuart Little. She is definitely a great
talent and I would love to see her come back into the spotlight.

The supporting cast did a decent job as well, but nowhere near as good
as the leads. I was kind of disappointed by Harvey Keitel as a nice guy
detective. It didn't feel like he gave much of a performance, just put
on a sympathetic voice when talking to the women. Michael Madsen is
always good and he was in this as well, though he was not magnificent
or anything. I always respect Michael Madsen because he is a working
man actor whose name isn't big but still gets around. He is still kind
of a tough guy in this and he is not as good as he is in Reservoir Dogs
or Donnie Brasco but this was earlier in his career and he grew as an
actor. The film features Brad Pitt's first major role as a cute guy
thief and he does a decent job. Nothing good really but for a first
major film definitely not bad.

Overall I give this film an 8/10 and I recommend it to anyone who likes
crime films, films with female leads, and original films. It is fun at
parts and the ending is a classic, and you kind of have to see it if
you have any liking for Ridley Scott.

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