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  • Toy Story 2
    • Toy Story 2
    • Runtime:92 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-18 19:13:16
    • Director: John Lasseter
    • Genres: Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family, Fantasy
    • Studio:


Toy Story 2 (1999)

*** (out of 4)

Nice sequel to the 1995 smash hit has Woody getting stolen by a toy
collector who plans to sell him to a museum in Japan. Buzz, Mr. Potato
Head, Hamm and Slinky Dog decide to go and try to rescue him but Woody
gets some pressure from his other collectibles that it might be best to
start a new life elsewhere. It seems many fans consider this one a lot
better than the first but I wouldn't go that far. While this is still
an impressive little gem I do think it falls a tad bit short of the
first film for a couple reasons. The majority of this film centers in
on Woody, Buzz, the rescuers and of course the new toys who want Woody
to stay with them so that they can be sold off as a complete set. The
group goes on several adventures while the majority of the other toys
from the first film are at home and off the screen. I think this is one
of the problems with this film because many memorable characters simply
aren't in this film and to me that is a letdown. The first movie had
one great joke and adventure after another and a truly remarkable
imagination. It's fair to say that this film has that same imagination
but just not as wide as the previous movie since it did feature more
characters. With that said, this is still a charming little film thanks
in large part to the voice work of Tom Hanks and Tim Allen. They
certainly have no trouble getting back into their roles and the same is
true for Don Rickles, Joan Cusack and the underrated Jim Varney. We
even get Kelsey Grammar as a rather unfriendly part of Woody's
collection. The Big Al character by Wayne Knight is one of the new
folks that I actually enjoyed as I thought he summed up that obsessive
collector quite nicely but at the same time he can't hold a candle to
the mean kid from the first. The adventure that the group sets out on
is pretty funny and the highlight is a terrific sequence where they're
trying to cross a busy road when all mayhem breaks loose. The final
ride through the airport is another nice sequence and as you'd expect
the animation is terrific. TOY STORY 2 is certainly a good movie and
one well worth watching but at the same time I think it falls well
short of the first film.


TOY STORY 2 expands on the originality of the first "Toy Story" by
turning the plot into a rescue mission that must be performed by
several of the main character toys led, of course, by Woody and Buzz

Once again, the voices perfectly match the characters, the special
effects are brilliant, the script matches the clever aspects of the
original, and the story actually has a lot more scope with more of a
feel for the dramatic and dangerous world of airports, stolen goods,
elevator shafts, street traffic and all sorts of predicaments that
combine laughter with terror.

TOM HANKS and TIM ALLEN are back as the voices for Woody and Buzz, as
are many others from the original cast. A nice new addition is Stinky
Pete the Prospector, who also happens to be one of the best animated
and most interesting of all the computer-generated figures. There's
also a Mrs. Potato and a Cowgirl mate for our hero.

All of the technical aspects mark an improvement over the original and
the quality of the script and story is just as good, marking one of the
few times that a sequel more than matches the inspiration of the first


Pixar raised the standard for feature film animation with their wildly
successful TOY STORY in 1995. It was a fun adventure for the kids that
was so well done that adults could enjoy it with them. Sequels are
notorious for failing to live up to the original (with obvious
exceptions) and TOY STORY 2 could've easily ended up as a direct-to-DVD
throwaway in an attempt to cash in on the success of the original.
Instead, I felt it surpassed the quality of the first and brought even
more to the table. The film follows Woody as the begins to sink in that
toys don't last forever. His arm is torn and Woody is shelved, a
seeming death sentence for toys. In an attempt to rescue a fellow
broken toy from being sold at a yard sale, Woody is stolen by an
obsessed collector who wishes to complete his "Woody's Round-Up"
collection for sale to a Japanese museum. Upon arriving at the
collector's apartment, Woody meets the other members of his round-up
gang (Jessie, his loyal horse Bullseye, and Stinky Pete the Prospector)
and it's revealed that Woody is actually a collector's item spawned
from a popular kid's television show of the 50s. As Buzz Lightyear
assembles the rest of Andy's toys to mount a rescue operation, Woody
must make a decision: immortal glory as part of a museum exhibit or the
temporary love of his owner Andy.

All of our favorite toys from the first film return with the original
voice cast, with a few new additions. Estelle Harris (George Costanza's
mom on SEINFELD) is Mrs. Potato Head and Joan Cusack is Jessie; both
have some hilarious moments and fit right in with the originals. While
Woody and Buzz are the stars, my favorite characters have always been
the supporting players: Mr. Potato Head (Don Rickles), Hamm (John
Ratzenberger), Slinky Dog (Jim Varney), and Rex (Wallace Shawn). We get
plenty of them as they accompany Buzz on the mission and their romp
through a toy store is just great. Despite the awesomeness of the toy
cast, one of my favorite characters is toy collector Al (Wayne Knight).
Knight is great as the spastic money-grubbing baddie who's finally
gotten the final piece to his cash cow.

The movie felt more action-oriented than the first. The first TOY STORY
had its moments but this film ups the ante with the toys crossing a
dangerously busy four-lane road, a twisting chase through a cavernous
airline baggage sorter, and an eventual chase over the tarmac to reach
a plane. While it is a kid's movie by nature, it's still a fun movie to
people of any age thanks to the characters and a universal love of our
childhood playthings. The story was well written and Woody's dilemma
over his mortality as a toy is an interesting followup to Buzz's moment
of depressing recognition that he was indeed just a toy in the first
film. Overall, a great family film and easy to recommend to anyone.


This time Buzz and Woody, now best buds, are separated by a fiendish
toy collector who plans to sell Woody, and Buzz and other Toys must
venture outside to save him… With unexpected results.

One of the only sequels to actually improve on the original, and it
must be said the original was pretty good to begin with.

The animation was already a massive advancement on the first, the jokes
were funnier and the characters more finely drawn, given that it was
already their second outing.

In fact, forget this. If you haven't seen Toy Story 2 you're missing
out. I don't care if you have kids or not, or if you are one yourself,
(ESPECIALLY if you are a kid). And if you are, leave this website, I
swear too much.

What you hope kids will learn: It doesn't matter if things change,
enjoy the time you have with something or someone.

What they'll take away: Sayyy, my Woody toy is getting on. Oooh they
have a Barbie this time! I need a Buzz & Zurg Father Figure set ™.

Update: Toy Story 3 Rocks 2 (Duh).

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