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  • Transporter 3
    • Transporter 3
    • Runtime:104 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-24 14:26:01
    • Director: Olivier Megaton
    • Genres: Action, Adventure, Crime, Thriller
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Transporter 3


After enjoying 1 & 2 I was really looking the third installment and for
the first 30 minutes this movie lived up to expectations, then it
stalled and never recovered.

Int he first two movies there are some excellent fight scenes
throughout, in this movie, there are 2, both in the first 30 minutes,
and the direction and editing do detract from them. It less like
watching an action movie and more like a music video in parts.

The female lead starts as being petulant and annoying, and then gets
worse. The is a pointless sex scene midway through which I think was
there as a MacGuffin but fails and only takes from the characters.

Had this been the first in the series, there may never have been a
sequel, as it is, it's a poor follow up to the previous movies, lacking
in action and direction. Pity really.


'Transporter 3' has had a raw deal. Like most of Luc Besson's action
flicks the reviews have been quite bad. I don't listen to reviews
really and if I like the look of a film I'll see it.' Transporter 3' is
beyond brilliant though there's brilliance in it. The fights are as
good as always, inventive, violent and fast-paced. Jason Statham is
good as always in his signature role and there's a lot of fun to be had
with the film. Robert Knepper is the best of the villains. Natalya
Rudakova is not exactly a good actress but she is very beautiful and
does well enough. Certain people hated her in the film and said she
ruined it for them but I didn't mind her at all. I thought her and
Statham had genuine chemistry. There's also a superbly done push ned
chase (slang for push bike). Overall not as good as the first one but a
lot better than the second, 'Transporter 3' is a fine climax to a good
trilogy. ***/*****


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Transporter 3 is the third installment of the franchise. Transporter 3
didn't seem to have that same magic and tone as its prequels, though
that isn't necessarily a bad thing. This one felt very different than
Transporter 2. Transporter 3 had less action, more plot but its plot
wasn't that believable and sort of ridiculous. It was still fun and
entertaining though. Many critics and reviews made point that the plot
didn't make much sense, and I somewhat agree. Here's why: The bad guy-
Johnson (Robert Knepper), is forcing the Transporter, Frank Martin, to
transport a girl named Valentina (Natalya Rudakova) from one country to
another. Johnson is present when Martin leaves with the girl. Johnson
is also present when Martin delivers the girl. So why exactly did
Johnson need the Transporter in the first place? And in this film,
Frank's "package" ends up being Valentina (he doesn't know what the
package is before doing the mission, then suddenly notices, and she
doesn't tell him). One thing I really disliked what Valentino, her
character was far too annoying and had too much dialogue with Frank. It
took away the suspense from Frank's character.

This movie is not boring. There are very nice stunts in this, such as a
neat bicycle chase with Frank on a bicycle doing all these stunts
trying to catch of to the bad guys, a sequence with Frank driving his
car on top of a train, and a very exciting scene with him crashing his
car underwater yet escaping and bringing his car back on the ocean (it
was a very clever way how he got it back). Once again, Jason Statham is
a splendid action hero and does a great job in this film. In my
opinion, the film wasn't that bad but not as good as the previous two.
It was slightly worse than the second.

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