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  • Tre metri sopra il cielo
    • Tre metri sopra il cielo
    • Runtime:101 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-20 11:09:53
    • Director: Luca Lucini
    • Genres: Romance
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Tre metri sopra il cielo


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This story about the love between a good, correct girl and a charming,
troubled bad boy is beautifully told in the book, but the main aspects
of it are blurred or straightly changed in the film, turning it into a
shallow, nonsense, boring teenage romantic film. First, the film fails
to state the huge abyss that separates Babi and Step. In the book, Babi
didn't like Step and his lifestyle, she finds him violent and rude (in
the film she actually says she had a great time riding on the back of
the motorcycle, which is ridiculous, because it's dangerous and she's
just not that type of girl). Despite her objections, Babi falls for
Step because she is attracted to him and the freedom and fun with which
he faces the world. In the film, Step is presented as a bitter teenager
who's constantly angry and doesn't talk much. The 'true' Step is quite
the opposite. He is charming, happy and manages perfectly to turn all
questionings to his attitude towards the one who is judging him. He is
secure, irresponsible and, together with his friend Pollo, feels like
he owns the world. They are not stopped by fear, manners, social and
legal rules in the way of enjoying themselves and life. In this, the
plot manages to engage the reader/viewer in wanting to feel as free as
they do, but at the same time to question the illegality of their
actions and recklessness towards other people. Just as Babi does. But
she surrenders to what she feels for him, despite this. This fact on
its own is crucial. It tells about inner conflicts, the judgment call
we all have to make about what we can and cannot accept, and how so
many times our feelings are not something we can control, whatever our
mind says. Step is not only charming but actually shows to be sensitive
enough to wait for Babi until she is ready to make love with him. She
doesn't feel ready, but he is so tender and caring, doesn't push beyond
what she lets him and creates a perfect atmosphere for their first
time, just as she had asked (again, this is totally twisted in the
film, where Babi is eager to have sex with him, apparently only because
he is so hot (since Step is not charming in the film, just violent).
This troubled, intense love story ends (in the book) with Babi leaving
Step, as she realizes that he is not going to change his violent self.
Also, once the initial wave of maddening love is passed, the fact that
both hate each other's world becomes too evident. Step is left
heartbroken, because he is left with all his wounds exposed, those he
had managed so well to hide. The fight with his mother, his loneliness,
the origin for all that anger and violence. The end is truly
heartbreaking, because he is left alone, with Babi gone and Pollo dead.
But at the same time it makes total sense, it couldn't have been any
different. He is left to face his issues, deal with them and perhaps
make a better man out of himself, more considerate, less violent, more
responsible. All this in the book of course. As said, the main facts
about the personality and relationship of and between the characters
have been totally changed in the film, so one could actually say that
the book and film are not the same story, even though they bare the
same name. It makes one wonder why people bother to make a film based
on the book if they are going to change everything. Such changes are
usually based on attracting the wider audiences, but if the book was so
successful is for a reason, and they should have realized that. So, out
of a great book that managed to engage a whole generation capturing the
essence of adolescence and the first love, they made a shallow, not
convincing film, with some lousy acting too. In summary, don't bother
with the film, read the book.


When a book is so good as the book by which this film was made is, you
kind of expect the movie, well, not to suck, but let's say you don't
keep your hopes up very much, cause you usually end up disappointed
(The Notebook doesn't count). But this… As little as my hopes were,
this kept disappointing me throughout all hour and a half of its
duration. I mean, come on!!! This is one of the most romantic and
beautiful stories of which I read, and during the movie, I actually was
bored, in the moments when I wasn't annoyed. The acting was terrible,
as was the script. It seems like director wanted to include as much
scenes from the book as possible, but then forgot to sort it by order,
so everything was incredibly confusing and dull. The relationship of
Step and Babi, which is very delicate and which is the main topic, was
not appropriately unfolded, and not as much attention as it should was
given to it,so everything looks emotionless and ridiculous. I must add
that this ugly guy who plays Step has probably ruined any other
re-reading of this book to me, cause I'll be imagining him as Step, and
not the perfect guy as Step should be and as I imagined him before the
stupid film. I give it 3 stars simply out of respect to the wonderful
book which I recommend to everyone, and that lovely view of the sea and
sunset. So… If you didn't read the book, just go do that and forget
about the movie cause you just won't know what the hell is happening.
And if you like the book, and want to see this movie, just skip that
little part and go buy yourself the next part of the book named "Ho
Voglia Di Te",and that will be time and money well spent. If you still
decide to watch it, my voice will be in your heads telling you "I told
you so!" all the time.


One of the most beautiful movies i have ever seen…it's true it's a
chick flick but who cares when you have Riccardo Scarmacio with his
piercing green eyes? If you're in search for a typical romantic story
set in an Italy breathtakingly beautiful, then go for it. Leave behind
all misconceptions, preconceptions, get rid of the idea that the movie
isn't as valuable as the book ( in case you read it ) and succumb in
love's magical power. If you wanna laugh, cry and above all, dream,
then this is the movie for you. If you like movies that require a
second thought and a second viewing, then skip this one. 3msc doesn't
require much of a thinking, what it does, nonetheless, require is a
free mind and an endless power of dreaming with the eyes wide open. The
love story between a bad boy ( the dream of every teenage girl )and a
kinda nerd young girl mostly attracts adolescent viewers. But this
movie is about the journey towards love through the eyes of 2 different
people, one belonging to a high social class, and the other struggling
to do everything to escape from his world, from an attitude of revolt
to illegal motorcycles racings. The movie has everything what a movie
for teenagers should have:excitement, adrenalin, adventure, the
illusion that the love conquers all and 2 young and promising
protagonists. All in all, give this movie a shot and you won't be

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