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  • Two Weeks Notice
    • Two Weeks Notice
    • Runtime:101 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-16 08:01:15
    • Director: Marc Lawrence
    • Genres: Comedy, Romance
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Two Weeks Notice


Lucy Kelson {Sandra Bullock} lands a job as chief counsel for a big
hitting New York real estate firm that is owned by mega-rich George
Wade {Hugh Grant}. He's an engaging enough boss but he's very shallow,
and Lucy finds that she's practically running his life for him. So
finally tiring of being treated like a Personal Assistant, she gives
her two weeks notice of resignation. But can the pair do with out each
other? And is there more than a working relationship bubbling under the
surface? For his first feature film directing assignment, Marc Lawrence
played it safe and got lucky with his lead actors. Whilst hardly
setting a new benchmark in the ROM-COM genre, Two Weeks Notice is
however witty and not without charm. This is due in the main to the
pairing of Grant & Bullock, who play it perky and spark a chemistry so
sadly lacking in many other modern day films of its ilk. By their own
admission the pair got on great off screen, and that is evident as the
pair feed of each other to make the lightweight script work wonders.
The dominance of the pair tho leaves little room for the supporting
actors to breathe, with many of them coming across as mere fillers.
It's this that stops the film from being the great film that Bullock,
and particularly Grant's, efforts deserved.

Enjoyable light entertainment that could have been better if more
thought had gone into the outer characters. 6.5/10


Oh dear another ho-hum rom-com from Hollywood which short-changes you
on both romance and comedy. Normally I'd finish that sentence with the
phrase "…despite the best efforts of…" but here, the two leads Hugh
Grant and Sandra Bullock rarely escape the one-dimensionality of their
roles – he the airhead good-looking playboy billionaire she the
crusading eco-warrior who from almost nowhere and in next to no time
turns into his super-organised P.A. / solicitor.

That's just another of the problems, almost no continuity from scene to
scene, things just happen haphazardly like the doubles tennis match
which becomes a grudge match between Bullock and her red-haired
replacement-cum-rival, Bullock soon afterwards, getting a bad dose of
the "runs" whilst Grant is driving her home through rush-hour traffic
necessitating a toilet stop-over at a family trailer they gate-crash
further up the road to a helicopter ride home when they pass their car
still in the trailer when the traffic starts to move again. All this
occurs in about ten minutes for no coherent reason and if for reasons
of comedy, then they failed grandly.

Towards the end, Grant has to make a "big corporate decision" on which
his chances with Bullock obviously hinge – go on, guess the outcome.
Nobody shines in support, Donald Trump and Norah Jones make blink and
you'll miss them cameo appearances, add in a totally haphazard
soundtrack (James Brown and Bachman Turner Overdrive), where the music
in no way empathises with the scene in question.

As I indicated earlier, the acting by the leads must have made for
their easiest pay-days in years as neither has to stretch themselves
beyond what we've seen them do before – Grant mugs sheepishly here and
turns a boyish grin there, Bullock gets officiously indignant here and
primly proper there.

One line of Grant's made me smile ("Pokemon") and there are some
pleasant shots of New York but I'm stretching myself now to find good
points in a film I know I'll forget all about in days to come.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What an excellent coupling this is, two exceptionally charismatic and
popular actors together. This movie is as good as Grant's Notting Hill
with Julia Roberts. Much as I like Roberts, I think Bullock just has
the edge on her, but of course it's personal preference, I can't see
either can be faulted re acting and charm and absolute charisma with

Bullock's character is meant to be Grant's character's company lawyer,
but she doesn't get enough of the legal stuff and then has to fix this
spoilt though I have to say really nice womanising male's latest
divorce. He demands her time at all hours to advise him on all and
everything however trivial. Every time you think there'll be sparks
flying, they calm each other down which is rather different to the
usual tension in such stories.

Bullock's strongwilled crusading character who's more used to fighting
big business insensitivity finally has enough of being forced to waste
her time on trivialities in one of those insensitive big businesses,
with a boss who's not nearly as dynamic as she wants. He calls her away
from a family wedding and for her that's the last straw and she insists
on resigning. Grant makes clear his character is immature and rather
lazy, being the company son who's had it easy all his life and the job
is a sinecure – but he doesn't want to do without this lawyer as he's
just too used to relying on her for everything – except, as yet, sex.
She takes a long time to come to love him, and then tries – just a
little too soon – to win him, and fails.

Or rather, she seems to fail, In fact, she wins because her defiance
has finally made him think and from then on he comes to realise what he
really wants – her, and stability! As he says to her when at last they
get together, she has become "The voice in his head".

As in some other movies I've seen of Bullock, her character is a strong
and yet very vulnerable woman who it seems can't get or can't hold the
man she wants. Grant's as always the quintessential good-hearted
charmer. How could this pairing possibly fail!? A simply lovely,
heartwarming movie. And you'll love the last scene which in its way
says it all.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Hugh Grant stopped doing actual romantic comedies after he did the
great film Notting Hill. He still does do Romantic comedies, but
they're not so romantic. Like Music & Lyrics. A film that I love… I
wrote a review for it and said Not quite romantic, but funny as hell.
Because that's what that film is. Two Weeks notice is the same way, but
this film isn't as good as Music & Lyrics. It's not too far, but it's
not quite as good. There's not much wrong with Two Weeks notice. I
don't believe that Sandra Bullock's Lucy Kelson character would go out
with Hugh Grant's George Wade character. I'm not quite sure if there is
much chemistry between the two of them. I do think the two of them
worked well, but it didn't really seem like they were that in love. it
seems like i'm bashing Two Weeks notice. But that's far from what i'm
doing. I was just naming the mistakes. Two Weeks notice does work for a
few reasons. Both Grant and Bullock are good together. Also, the film
is pretty funny. Mostly thanks to Hugh Grant's character, the usual, of
course. Grant is one of my favorite actors. Bullock is one of my
favorite actresses. Together, the film is a success.

The Plot:Lucy Kelson is a woman trying to make a career in the world.
Trying to become a lawyer. She soon starts to work for a man named
George Wade, who uses her to her advantage once she becomes his
assistant. She soon decides to quit.

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