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  • Unmistaken Child
    • Unmistaken Child
    • Runtime:102 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-18 00:49:41
    • Director: Nati Baratz
    • Genres: Documentary
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Unmistaken Child


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

***SPOILERS AHOY!*** Writing as a practising Buddhist, I saw this gem
on TV late one night (it was actually shown on BBC4 as 'The Baby and
The Buddha', so watch out for it). Other reviews commend the beauty and
emotion of the film, the breath-taking landscapes, and while these are
all indeed true, it was the 'affirmation' that touched me most. Let me
explain what I mean…

Firstly let me apologise for putting such a heavy Buddhist slant on
this; I'm hoping there are like-minded people out there who can
appreciate what I'm about to say! If not and you're just curious,
thanks for looking!

OK, here we go…. Watching the child react to being given the Rosary
Beads that were his in the previous life, and how he puts them around
his neck and won't be parted from them; his reaction to the finger
drums, the bells etc of that earlier life; how he shows an unshakable
confidence and authority when granting blessings to his disciples, and
so on. I found this to be very jarring to watch, and it has been an
enormous inspiration to my Dharma practise (following the Buddhist

Us 'Westerners' have and will always struggle with the Buddhist belief
of Rebirth, and the conditions that naturally arise from this (such as
the existence of the 6 Realms, Mother- Beings, etc), but this superb
film spells out to us that these aren't just mystical traditions, but
ACTUAL occurrences. What better proof do our inquisitive and
questioning minds need?

Think about it. If you watch the film with a sincere heart, you will
become convinced that the child is indeed the Buddhist Geshe reborn, or
a 'Rinpoche'. Therefore, rebirth at the end of this life will
definitely happen for us all, and it follows that it HAS happened to us
countless times before. My Wife struggles with a lot of these concepts,
but now I have actual proof to wave under her nose! It's up to us
'Westerners' to suspend our disbelief, and embrace this seemingly
far-fetched idea as actual fact. That is why I feel that this film is
so important.

In the film, Geshe-La was reborn in a Human form because of his
life-long devotion to the Three Jewels; if we follow the example
ourselves and practise Dharma purely and sincerely (as lay-persons like
me, not necessarily as fully ordained Monks) then we will surely be
reborn in the Human Realm, and have the precious opportunity to
continue our Dharma practises.

So, that's what I meant when I said that I found the film to be
'affirming'. It strengthens one's faith in the Buddhist belief of
Rebirth, which then inspires one's study of Dharma, and in taking
Refuge in the Three Jewels.

Amazing stuff. Every Buddhist should own a copy. Go to Amazon and click
the buy button RIGHT NOW!!!! lol

Thanks for reading


Unmistaken Child is a beautiful film! Traveling along with Tenzin Zopa
through the hills and fields is very enjoyable. It felt like I was
actually there, experiencing the journey with him.

I thought it would be impossible for a single man to find THE one
little boy that could not be mistaken for anyone other than the
reincarnate of Geshe Lama Konchog. However, while watching the film, I
began to believe that Tenzin was actually capable of the task that he
was assigned. He knew what he needed to do to accomplish the task, and
he had loads of patience and determination to find the one little boy.

Learning the process of searching for the reincarnate of the deceased
lama is very interesting and beautiful.

I think everybody could find something interesting about this film
because it's an insightful look into the world of reincarnation and


A young monk was given the sacred task of finding The One – the
reincarnated child of his master who recently passed away. It proved
almost too confusing and stressful for him: "Because I never planned
for my life, you see. Everything was planned by Geshe-la: You are going
to do this, you'll do that. So I always say 'yes', just follow, and I
didn't think at all about what is going to happen next." Yet he came
through, following the signs, guidance from older monks and his

An interesting character study indeed, of a simple, obedient youth who
came from a humble village at the poorest corner of Earth, grew up in a
convent, ended up shaping a world event through sheer devotion of
religious faith. This is no laughing matter – this zealous personality
actually believes everything he dreamed and imagined as the godly

One interesting scene that's perhaps the most revealing moment of the
film, is when this monk after hours of meditation, appeared spiritually
enchanted by the harmonious nature, told the camera: "Everybody would
dance, every nature, tree would dance… Such as this flower, so
beautiful, happy and free." He unplugged the flower from the back of
his ear and started mimicking dancing movement, then suddenly realized
the flower would live no longer… so he said: "But sorry anyway, I…
I took permission from the tree."

It is not hard to imagine what would become of that adorable, bright,
innocent little "unmistaken" child. Any amusement I might have felt
earlier was completely overshadowed by sadness and grief, after
watching the 2nd half of this extremely objective and unflinchingly
passive documentary.

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