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  • Unstable Fables: 3 Pigs & a Baby
    • Unstable Fables: 3 Pigs & a Baby
    • Runtime:76 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-24 18:27:58
    • Director: Howard E. Baker
    • Genres: Animation, Family
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Unstable Fables: 3 Pigs & a Baby


When most people think of companies that make animations, they'll most
likely think of those like Pixar, DreamWorks, Sony, Blue Skies, or the
sort. Unfortunately, because of this, most companies such as the ones
that made this film won't get a chance in edgewise because most people
will see it's some company they don't recognize and simply pass it by.
Their movies are shot down before they can leave their mark. Sadly,
this film is one of those films that, while it's not a masterpiece, is
still a fun little movie that can be quite fun to watch.

====== Story~ ======

It is based on the story of the Three Little Pigs of course, albeit
with a modern-day tone. The story also takes some elements from the
Little Red Riding hood story, but only by mentioning some things from
that story. Otherwise, it starts out like the typical story; the Big
Bad Wolf is blowing the house of straw and house of sticks down, and
cannot blow down the house of Bricks. After a failed attempt to get
into the house (by going into the chimney when the fire was going…
resulting in his death… I'm not kidding), the Wolves decide to try
another plan. This plan involves leaving a baby Wolf on the pigs
doorsteps (they are now living under the same roof until their houses
are rebuilt), having it be raised by the pigs, then when the time come
have the grown up Wolf betray the pigs so they can finally get to them
inside the brick house.

The story isn't really anything spectacular, but for me it worked.
Granted, it was predictable (as most kids flicks are), and I didn't
particularly like the ending (it's the type where "Everyone gets along
in the end and we all live happily ever after). Still, it was fun to
watch, and perhaps an interesting twist on the Three Little Pigs story.

============= CG and Style~ =============

Surprisingly, it was better than what I expected. Everything was pretty
well detailed, Wolves actually had fur detail, expressions were nice,
and most everything was good. My only complaint was when they tried to
animate liquid, which most companies always do seem to have trouble
with. Still, it didn't really bother me that badly since we don't see
it all that often.

The only bad thing is though is the style of the characters. For me, I
sort of liked it, though even I will admit it was odd (especially the
Wolves). This will turn off a lot of people unfortunately, as most will
pass it off as "dumb" or "distracting". If you can get past it though,
you'll probably be able to enjoy the film.

Overall, I'd say that unlike most of your other CG animated films by
many unknown companies, this one was actually done with care and
patience. It didn't seemed rushed, nor does it really disappoint. It's
not something that'll blow away the big-name companies, but can still
hold its own in my opinion.

====== Humor~ ======

Sadly, a lot of stuff is a hit and miss, though while I watched the
film I was never really bored. Some jokes did hit a cord for me though,
like when they frequently broke the fourth wall a couple of times (like
when the Boss Wolf himself bashing the film, stating that "we don't
have the budget to MAKE IT A MUSICAL!!!"). Other than that, there's a
lot of jokes where they tried too hard, and they often fell flat.
Again, you'll find it a hit and a miss.

=========== Conclusion~ ===========

Overall, it depends on your own preferences whether or not you will
like this film or not. For those that can get past the odd style of the
film, you'll find a diamond in the rough that you will probably enjoy.
Others, will hate it for trying to be too different. If you can rent
it, do that first to see if you like it or not, because it'll
definitely be a mixed bag by one person's standards or another. Just
remember to not take the film too seriously (because it doesn't really
either), and enjoy it for what it is.


I'm really, truly baffled that anyone can compliment this movie. The
animation was horrible, the acting terrible and the storyline pathetic.
This is one of the worst kids movies I have ever had to sit through.
This is a perfect example of how out of touch some movie execs are when
it comes to creating a quality product. Then again, what do they care,
as long as they make a few bucks on it who really cares what the
overall quality of the movie is.

No offense to those who enjoyed this movie, but I have a hard time
believing you'd recognize a good movie if it slapped you in the face.

I could go on and on, telling you again and again how terrible this
movie was, but you'd be better off taking the time to buy a copy of
this movie and then running it over with a cement truck to save someone
else the anguish of having to sit through this complete and total piece
of garbage…………

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