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  • Urban Cowboy
    • Urban Cowboy
    • Runtime:127 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-17 12:19:46
    • Director: James Bridges
    • Genres: Drama
    • Studio:


Urban Cowboy was a film that failed to impress me in many ways, to be
honest. It lacks originality, it may think it's being original, but in
reality it's Saturday Night Fever all over again, only nowhere near as
good, and Travolta is a Cowboy this time. Travolta and Debra Winger
manage to come out of this looking pretty good, with their undeniably
excellent romantic chemistry, it was the heart of the movie in my
opinion. Urban Cowboy is very abusive to woman though, and that always
bothers me. At least a few times, Debra Wingers is getting smacked
around, and treated like a dog, it took away a lot of the enjoyment for
me. Tony Manero was a cocky fool at times, but he had the charisma and
character to make us root for him. Bud is a rather ordinary Cowboy,
without the great character development, that Tony had, and Travolta
can only do so much with the material. It's not all bad though. The
bull riding scenes at Gilley's were cute and pretty fun to watch a lot
of the time. I also enjoyed the tension between Bud and Wes, it was
very well done.

Performances. John Travolta is decent and charismatic, but nowhere near
as good as he was in Saturday Night Fever. The script doesn't do him
any favors either, and his character is somewhat abusive and full of
himself. I did enjoy his chemistry with Debra Winger though. Debra
Winger is sexy, and was very likable as the love interest. That was one
of the script's lone bright spots, they put a lot of effort into Sissy.
Scott Glenn is very good as the Con Wes. His abrasive and scheming
character often stole a lot a lot of the scenes. Madolyn Smith Osborne
is good as the chick who wants Bud's heart, or thinks she does anyway.

Bottom line. Urban Cowboy is interesting, but not enough to make it a
complete success. It's just much too routine for my liking, and lacking
in originality. Girls will no doubt be turned on by Travolta's charm,
and sex appeal, but in reality, this is just trying to cash in on the
success of Saturday Night Fever. Worth a look for nostalgia's sake, or
if you're an 80's lover like me.



This movie has it all, action, fighting, dancing, bull riding, music,
pretty girls. This movie is an authenic look at middle America. Believe
me, I was there in 1980. Lots of oil money, lots of women, and lots of
honky tonks. Too bad they are all gone now. The movie is essentially
just another boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back, but it
is redeemed by the actors and the music. There is absolutely no movie
with any better music that this movie, and that includes American
Graffiti. It is a movie I watch over and over again and never get tired
of it. Every time I watch it, I am young again, and it is time to go
out honky tonking. The only reason I only gave it a 9 is because you
cannot rate a movie zero, I do not feel you should rate one 10.


Does anyone know what kind of pickup John T drove? I looks like a mid
to late 70's Ford. This movie is my favorite as well as my wife's. It
was the first memorable movie we saw as a married couple. The pick up
is of interest as it is similar to the first truck I drove and recently
found another like it. I would like to restore the pick up I have to
resemble the on in the movie. Also the music was awesome, and the
acting was great. Where and what is the lady who portrayed John's aunt?
Also did John have a stunt double for the scene on the tower when he
almost fell? Also what year of Mustang did Debra W drive in this show.
It looked like a 60's model. Thanks,


For Urban Cowboy John Travolta plays one of the stronger alpha males
ever portrayed on the big screen. He's a decent enough young kid who
leaves his parent's homestead and strikes out for the big city of
Dallas where his uncle Barry Corbin has promised to find him work in
the petrochemical industry. In 1980 that was beginning to boom and
Texas was definitely a growing place in the USA.

Travolta does a good job in making we the audience care about his
character who when you come right down to it is a sexist pig. He meets
and marries Debra Winger who's from the same background, but she's got
some ideas that women should not be shadows of their men. And when she
beats him at Gilley's mechanical bull, a man's game, that's it for him.

Scott Glenn who's an ex-convict is working at Gilley's and this film
was his breakout role. He's a real snake in Urban Cowboy, he gets
Travolta's goat with a mere look and he moves in on Winger. Travolta in
turn takes up with rich girl, Madolyn Smith Osborne who's slumming at

Despite the characters, Urban Cowboy was really one gigantic commercial
for the self-styled biggest honky tonk in the world. Gilley's is no
longer there in the suburban Texas community of Pasadena, but the
memories do live on. And the best thing about Urban Cowboy is the
wonderful score of country/western songs that were featured in the
film. I'm not sure if some of the songs were not written specifically
for Urban Cowboy, but it's the only reason I can think of why the
Motion Picture Academy ignored the musical aspects of this film. I
especially liked Johnny Lee's Looking For Love, if it was specifically
written for this film, it's a disgrace that it wasn't nominated for
Best Song.

I liked Debra Winger's character best in this film. She doesn't lose a
trace of femininity, but she stands up to Travolta and does it in
style. And this review is dedicated to that yet as unknown woman who
will one day be the first woman bull-rider in the Professional Bull

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