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  • Valentine’s Day
    • Valentine’s Day
    • Runtime:125 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-23 12:03:05
    • Director: Garry Marshall
    • Genres: Comedy, Romance
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Valentine’s Day


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I bought this on DVD for the Christmas season and I never saw it before
as I saw a bit of it on the internet and thought well this sucks big
time so I then decided to give it a chance. Valentines Day features an
all star cast which are the following: Anne Hathaway(THE PRINCESS
DIARIES)she was hilarious in this as Liz the phone sex chat
girl,Jessica Alba(FANTASTIC FOUR)I didn't care about her in this
movie,Jessica Biel(THE ILLUSIONIST),she wasn't that bad,Emma
played a gay quarter backer,Ashton Kutcher(FIRST MARRIED)he was cute in
this as Reed who I would say was the main charcther in this movie,Queen
Latifah(BRINGING DOWN THE HOUSE),she was alright,Jennifer Garner(13
GOING ON 30) she played Julia Fitzpatrick who was in love with a man
who was actually married,Patrick Dempsey(GREYS ANATOMY AS
MCDREAMY,ENCHANTED)he played Garner's other lover who turned out to be
a married man I hated him in this movie as he was such a prick in
it,Bradley Cooper(THE HANGOVER)he was actually gay in this,Hector
Elizondo(THE PRINCESS DIARIES)he worked with Anne Hathaway before in
that film,Shirley McClaine(BEWITCHED)she played Elizondo's wife,Taylor
Lautner(TWILIGHT)he was Taylor Swift's(HANNAH MONTANA THE
MOVIE)boyfriend in this movie,Topher Grace(SPIDERMAN3 AS VENOM)he
played Anne Hathaway's boyfriend in this, Jamie Foxx(RAY) who played
Kelvin Moore the news reporter) and finally Julia Roberts(RUNAWAY
BRIDE)who had no love interest and she worked in the army by the looks
of her costume she wore in the movie.

Some parts were funny others were all mushy and lovey doupy. Although
its on for 2 hrs I actually hate to say this but I actually enjoyed it
as I am a lover for romantic comedies since I was a teenager and I
liked the different stories that were in it some were shocking others
were predictable. I suggest to those who love any of the actors that
are in this movie to check it out. Give it a chance cause I did and I
am happy that I did see it for the 1st time.

Final verdict: 7/10


Valentine's Day is one of those movies where the studio probably had
total faith in the project, despite the fact that they have clearly
invested nothing in it, outside of face value. What we get is a
multi-million dollar star cast in the service of a five cent
screenplay. The whole thing is just a big soap opera. It is totally NOT
romantic…however at times it can be funny, unfortunately not on a
consistent basis. The acting style is plastic, and the whole thing has
really nowhere to go. We are asked to spend the twenty four hours of
Valentine's day with a half a dozen uninteresting unoriginal stories.

It's amazing how big a waste of talent the film is. I'm sure the cast
had a lot of fun, and I'm sure there were a few exciting ego clashes
behind the scenes, but the scenes themselves have very little
excitement. Valentine's Day is obsessed with stardom as a device to
lure young audiences, but it is a mistake to believe that their
presence is enough. One device that bothers me is Taylor Lautner and
Taylor Swift. Their story covers almost no screen time, and they
interact with no other members of the cast, contributing in no way to
the picture. All they do is take screen time away from the more
talented members of the cast.

As lame as Valentine's Day is, it's not completely dead in the water.
There is a sporadic dose humour which breaks the tedium of the
cardboard sentimentality. I laughed in a few places, the best of which
are Anne Hathoway doing doing a funny routine as a phone sex call girl,
and Jennifer Garner delivers a painful funny scene pulling a dirty
prank to embarrass her former lover.

Movies like Valentine's Day could easily work, but not when they are
treated as a product, which this is. Humorous bits aside, nothing and
nobody in the movie gets a chance to shine, and with no thought process
going into the script and/or direction, what we are left with is
artificial, low in credibility, and not for an intelligent viewer.

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