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  • Vampire in Brooklyn
    • Vampire in Brooklyn
    • Runtime:100 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-22 09:10:12
    • Director: Wes Craven
    • Genres: Comedy, Horror, Romance
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Vampire in Brooklyn


Wes Craven is one of the most inconsistent directors in horror cinema:
when on top form, he is a genius, taking risks with unpredictable
projects and as a result, often giving the genre a much needed shot in
the arm, as proved by groundbreaking movies like Last House On The
Left, A Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream; at his least inspired, he
is a hack, delivering predictably dumb (but still surprisingly
enjoyable) trash like Shocker, Deadly Friend and Cursed.

Vampire in Brooklyn is something of an oddity in Craven's erratic
career: it's definitely not a predictable project for the director—a
comedy/horror featuring a predominantly black cast—but it certainly is
dumb. Written by Eddie Murphy (obviously having a bit of an off day),
the script fails to deliver consistent laughs, and even some inspired
imagery from Craven cannot prevent this one from being a somewhat
disappointing title in the canon of both star and director.

It's a shame, because Murphy can be hilarious and makes for a cool
vampire, whilst we all know that Craven is capable of creating iconic
scary moments; on this particular occasion, however, the magic just
isn't there, and although the film cannot ever be accused of being
dull, it is ultimately a forgettable flick that rabid Murphy fans might
find enjoyable (the star hams it up to the max), but will probably only
be of passing interest to horror fans.

5.5 out of 10, rounded up to 6 for IMDb.


I always deliberately avoided watching "Vampire in Brooklyn" because,
quite frankly, the idea of a collaboration between horror-director Wes
Craven and comedy-actor Eddie Murphy sounds about as appealing as going
on a picnic trip with a tribe of cannibals… You just don't do that! But
hey, every horror movie eventually deserves a fair chance – especially
when it airs on TV for free – and, who knows, maybe all your prejudices
might be proved wrong. Of course your instincts and premonitions are
rarely ever wrong, and "Vampire in Brooklyn" definitely isn't what one
would call a good film, but at least the opening sequences mislead me
into believing it actually could have become one! The opening is simply
terrific and honestly deserves to be part of a different and much
better horror movie. Eddie Murphy literally makes a great entrance in
the horror genre, but then inevitably ruins it himself by exaggeratedly
trying to showcase his "talents" as a comedian and a master of
disguise. After a brief voice-over intro, explaining Maximillian is the
last survivor of a breed of vampires that emigrated to the Bermuda
triangle who now needs to go to Brooklyn in search for a half-vampire
woman, we witness an immense and rudderless ghost-vessel entering the
harbor and wildly crushing several yachts like they're ordinary paper
boats. Marvellous intro, but unfortunately the film immediately goes
downhill after that. The plot still shows a lot of potential, since the
half-blood Maximillian finds is an emotionally troubled cop, but lame
and totally unnecessary comical "sketches" continuously interrupt the
tension and substantial coherence. The absolute low-points are two
overlong and dull scenes with Eddie Murphy transforming into a whiny
preacher and an Italian gangster in order to get closer to his muse.
Also, and as expected, Murphy isn't the least bit impressive as the
supposedly fierce and charismatic vampire. Maybe it's because you
automatically associate his face with a series of comedy movies, but as
a horror character he's just lousy. Kadeem Hardison provides a couple
of noteworthy moments as the ghoul assistant in a constant state of
decomposition, but also his rattling and swearing quickly becomes
irritating. Wes Craven's style and usual trademarks are hardly ever
noticeable and I suspect Eddie Murphy pretty much behaved like he
pleased on the shooting. I'm generously rating "Vampire in Brooklyn"
four out of ten, and most of these points go to the great opening and
the indescribably beautiful Angela Bassett.


Why oh why, oh why? This film is bad, very bad indeed with little to no
redeeming features. I have read that Wes Craven had real problems with
Eddie Murphy on set and am prepared to cut him some slack for the films
he had previously and subsequently made, as for Mr. Murphy this man had
had enough chances he should not be allowed near a screen again (even
'Donkey' in wearing thin). This 'urban' take on the classic Dracula
story is lame with Murphy hogging the screen and showing the acting
subtlety of a nuclear missile. One wonders what the very talented
Angela Basset must have been thinking during the production of this
movie. The supporting cast are such run of the mill black stereotypes
with nothing to flesh out their characters and Murphy really does not
understand his role. Avoid this like the plague.

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