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  • Veer
    • Veer
    • Runtime:112 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-16 08:01:26
    • Director: Anil Sharma
    • Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, History, Romance, War
    • Studio:


This film focuses on British rule in India and British alliances with
Indian royalty. I'll start of with the performances. Salman Khan does
his bit with typical macho swagger – his role is perfect for him.
Newcomer Zarine Khan is good in her role, but I think that she could do
a little better should she get a role allowing her to do so in the
future. Mithun Chakraborty is good along with Sohail Khan in supporting
roles, as is Jackie Shroff in his negative role. The story of the film
is good and Salman Khan deserves credit for writing it. The story keeps
you engaged and you may feel an unusual feeling once it is finished
since you were absorbed in the goings on in the movie for just over 2
hours and a half. The music is great. Sajid-Wajid have done a great
job. The two tracks that stand out are 'salaam aaya' and 'taali'. The
action is also great.

Overall: definitely watch it. I give it 8/10.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Salman khan is the writer of this movie & this time he Disappoints me.
the story is set up in the era when British ruled India & the Indians
wanted British to go back & leave India independent. the films starts
well but in between looses the control.the script is a mix of many
movies or novels.. Xenia,Mangal Panday,troy & some older stories from
India…Salman Khan what is wrong with you…

Mr Veer jokes,gets funny,gets angry in a second,falls in love with
Zarine Khan(the fat princess). Mithun was over acting as usual,Zarine
was cool,Jackie Shroff was trying too hard to be a bad guy but
failing… the soundtrack of the movie is amazing…

Ill give this movie 5/10…i hope Salman Khan realizes his mistake &
let this be a lesson for those who jumps to make a movie without proper


Five things about Veer are actually good, even very good: Jackie
Shroff, Mithun Chakraborthy, the music, the visuals, and the basic
idea. And that's about where it ends. I won't even start listing those
things that are bad…

Apparently, Veer was meant to become The Salman Khan Movie To End All
Salman Khan Movies. Salman himself is responsible for the story, which
supposedly took him no less than twenty years. The result proves that
whatever one may think about Sallu, story-writing is definitely Not His
Thing. It should be said, the first 30 minutes of the movie are
promising and evoke high expectations, but all the rest is just one big
and rather tasteless ego-trip. To such a degree that you can't even say
this movie is about Veer at all… no, it is about Salman: Salman
dressed up as a Pindari, Salman dressed up as an English gentleman,
Salman dressed up as a gladiator, Salman dressed up as Highlander,
Salman dressed up as an Indian prince, and of course, Salman in his
trademark outfit, his naked muscled chest. The story appears to be
completely subordinated to Salman, his poses and his costumes.

The role of princess Yashodhara was obviously meant to be played by
Salman's fiancée, but because Katrina had other obligations, he had to
find replacement. And so he picked a débutante as his heroine, whose
only asset appears to be a certain physical similarity to La Kaif.
Mistake number 2, because "Zatrina" quite clearly lacks the talent, the
acting skills and the charisma to pull off this one. Her screen
presence irritates from the first to the last scene, even though the
role wasn't a particularly challenging one anyway. In fact, the film
would have been a lot better off without the whole obligatory love
story, annoying even for Bollywood standards.

Watching this movie, I got the impression that Salman hoped to create
his own "Jodhaa Akbar" or "The Rising". But all he managed was creating
his own "Dharam Veer" – without Dharam to that! Manmohan Desai's
"Dharam Veer" is at least funny and absurd, however, Salman's Veer is
not funny at all. If he would at least have added some humor the Veer
character, things might have turned out differently, because Salman
happens to a good comedian from time to time. But instead, he left the
comedy bits to his brother Sohail who, although not a bad actor
himself, is notoriously bad at comedy. And thus, the movie that was
supposed to showcase all Salman's abilities as an actor, turns out more
successful at showcasing his limitations. The feeling that remains is
that this movie deserved to become something much better than it
actually became: a major disappointment.

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