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  • Vidocq
    • Vidocq
    • Runtime:100 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-18 00:52:07
    • Director: Pitof
    • Genres: Crime, Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller
    • Studio:


There are many things that must occur in order to say that a movie is
really good. I saw this movie shortly after it was released, but had no
internet or desire to write my review anywhere. Then came a flood of
Hollywood movies, exceeded in special effects, but with bad scripts,
without compelling stories; remakes or adaptations(bad adaptations) of
old TV series, and so on. I almost forgot that it was possible to make
good movies. And when I say good, I mean really good, like this. I saw
it again recently, but this time I decided to give my opinion.

Here is a captivating story that keeps us expectant and eager to know
what really happened with Vidocq. A young man is determined to find
out, reconstructing the last moments and revealing secrets. All this,
with a truly captivating atmosphere, fabulous special effects, but
measured and timed. Here, there is no excess of special effects. They
are conveniently used to give this film a visual beauty according to
the script.The edition of the film as well as the performances and the
resolution of the story, are truly remarkable.

It has enough twists and surprises, but does not become stifling for
those who do not like thinking too much. Perhaps if more complex, it
would be agreeable to a smaller group of people (like me). But that
would be asking too much. There are other movies for that. This is an
ENTERTAINMENT capable of covering a wide spectrum of audiences. A work
truly worthy of being seen especially in times where bad movies abound
supported by the God of marketing. If you like good movies, try this

Because it made me remember that it is possible to sit and enjoy a good
story, even with special effects, I give this movie a higher score.


The real-life title character of this one, a criminal-turned-Police
Commissioner, was featured in many a film and TV series over the years;
so, it was small wonder to see him make a re-appearance – or, more
appropriately, receive a facelift – in the new millennium. With this in
mind, as has become the norm in the modern revivification of such
crusaders as Van Helsing and Sherlock Holmes (actually inspired by
Vidocq!), he is turned into some kind of action hero; in fact, the very
first scene finds him fighting it out with (and being apparently
dispatched by) a mysterious and all-powerful villain – which, played by
Gerard Depardieu (not so young anymore and, worse, overweight),
obviously makes it a somewhat unwise decision in this case! However,
the real trouble concerns the film's concluding twist: unfortunately,
this follows the trend which has annoyingly been picked up far too
often of late (as recent as SHUTTER ISLAND [2010]) where the plot has
basically been turned on its head by the end!; my major pet peeve with
this is that whole sections of the film are bound to make no sense
afterward: for instance, here, a character is seen grilling another one
for information (with nobody else present) when, ultimately, we realize
he had all the answers already (being himself the mastermind behind all
the mayhem) – WTF?! Mind you, VIDOCQ is entertaining along the way and
certainly stylishly handled: thankfully, there was no attempt to update
the 'myth' to our times – still, the film-makers found a way of going
around this conundrum by applying to it all the new-fangled technology
(including shooting in DV) in order to please the masses! When all is
said and done, the most pleasing elements of the piece are those
relating to fantasy/poetry (the conjuring abilities of the villain,
whose face is hidden behind a mirror-mask) and which were clearly
borrowed from the oeuvre of Georges Franju (with the latter's frequent
leading lady Edith Scob even being allotted a small role here!).


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Mr. PITOF, whoever he his was certainly influenced by English( mostly
Scotish) mystery novels, with their religious themes, of salvation and
damnation. In 1830 French were mostly atheistic, as they are today..

Those are very much the Opposite of the French tradition (namely DE
SADE) who portrays "EVIL" in the brightest detail, and fearless of GOD.

This movie is the opposite. The Achemist journalist is a non credible
character in 1830 France. Even the Opium usage was very limited when
compared to the same times in England. French enjoy their alcohols and
wines which are non-depressing drugs to this very day. Opium only
reached Paris in quantities after the conquest of Indochine 50 years
after, Before that its appearance in the Arts is limited to Berlioz's
Symphonie Fantastique. But Berlioz was married to an English woman and
its fans, are, even today, more English than French..

The good points are Photography which is even darker than the script
and Depardieu's interpretation. He is the only great French Actor of
his generation..

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