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  • Vision Quest
    • Vision Quest
    • Runtime:105 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-24 18:26:19
    • Director: Harold Becker
    • Genres: Drama, Romance, Sport
    • Studio:


I love the movie and find it motivational still. This movie came out
when I was just transitioning in to High School in fairly small town
Oklahoma, where wrestling was near to as important as football. Most of
my friends and my brother wrestled, so I knew how much work went into
it. Naturally, I grabbed a 6-pack and joined the golf team. Still, from
what I see it is a pretty good example of the wrestling aspect ( except
for some of the throws they execute ) ( the weight cutting was spot-on
for that time ). The rest of the movie to me is a kind of robotic spin
on a pipe dream. Yes, there are several good actors in the movie, but
this must have been in the early days for most of them because every
line in it is like they have the script behind their back. Still, good
story and something we all dreamed of at that age. 5 out of my 9 is for
the wrestling aspect. Also, still have the soundtrack. It's just on my
ipod now instead of a cassette tape.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a movie about wresslin, to be more accurate High School
wresslin, the toughest of its kind, and no one on earth has a clearer
understanding of this fact then young Matthew Modine. The movie starts
off pretty basic, Modine lives with his uncaring pop Ronny Cox and
Linda Fiorentino plays a young artist caught in the middle of their
world. The movie gets going right away and the training sequences are
excellent, although i cant tell if MM actually wrestled at any point in
his life, he does an alright job portraying the weight cutting, nose
bleeding, underwear inspecting-jock in this weird movie about strange
bedfellows. Linda Fiorentino looks good in this movie for five seconds
then she just starts looking downright grisly. The more the movie went
on the more she started to look like a guy. And with all the hype of
the star wrestler appropriately named "shoot", his bark is much bigger
then his bite as the climactic match has as much pop as a flat soda in
the middle of a pizza party. The movie is pretty good albeit racked
with totally uninspired performances from everyone except Steve Perry
who's belting out some eighties single he threw together after Journey
broke up. This is nothing amazing, its just o.k. in my book, i would
have liked to see more training and more fighting, the nemesis wrestler
Modine must face who everyone in the movie is absolutely terrified of
gets little screen time, and the side story with Linda Fiorentino is
unnecessary in my opinion and was added to make this a date movie. So
throw on your singlet and fire up some plain popcorn for this
barn-buster. 5 thumbs. meh.


This is such a classic movie! This of yourself as the guy who always
wants to get down to that weight where you can go against the guy they
all say would crush you. I wish they made more movies like this now a
days! This gives such inspiration to people who want to reach that goal
of wanting to beat out your opponent. Matthew Modine was awesome in
this movie and it made me want to get up and go running in a silver
sweat suit. It was cool to see some characters from other classic 80's
movies in it as well. You get a little sports and a hot chic and you
have yourself an awesome 80's teen movie! I thought this movie was so
good and a must see if you haven't already.


This is a classic 80's movie that's actually quite enjoyable. The
acting is a little uneven, but not enough to ruin the film. The
monotone performance of Linda Fiorentino contrasts with Matthew
Modine's child-like wonderment persona, yet they still somehow have

The character, Louden Swain, is a die-hard optimist who has big dreams
for the future. Matthew Modine does an inspiring job in becoming this
character. Bottom-line, this movie is all Modine. He carried this film
and it would never have worked without him.

Whenever I call in at work, this is my "go to" movie that I pop in to
pass the time. It's a fun movie that you can watch over and over again.
Yes, parts of it are quite cheesy but that's what makes it even more
amusing. Great 80's soundtrack too! Enjoy!


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