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  • Watercolors
    • Watercolors
    • Runtime:114 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-16 21:41:56
    • Director: David Oliveras
    • Genres: Drama, Romance
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Watercolors


For about the first twenty minutes I thought I was going to hate this
movie, but it got better. Then it got better. Then it got even better,
and it just kept on getting better all the way through to the end.

I strongly disagree with reviewers who say the adult bookends are
irrelevant and badly done. They provide an essential framework for the
story. The adult actors are neither as attractive nor as talented as
the younger leads are, but that's fine; they don't need to be.

My only quibble – and it is a very minor quibble – is that the
character of Henry is just too evil within the context of this movie. I
know people like that exist, people who are so mean and so stupid that
they would keep on smirking when the hero is having convulsions, but no
other character in this movie is drawn with such unrelenting severity.
He is so evil he ends up dragging the whole movie down in a way it
doesn't need to be dragged down. I suppose his being so excessively
monstrous adds extra weight to Danny's accusation that Carter hurt him
even more than Henry did, but that accusation didn't need such
heavy-handed reinforcement; it was powerful enough in itself.

The direction, photography and screenplay could not be much better – an
impressive debut for David Oliveras. All the performances are
outstanding, particularly Tye Olson and Kyle Clare as Danny and Carter
and Casey Kramer as Danny's mother. To paraphrase at least one other
reviewer, she is the mother every gay man on earth dreams of. This is a
lovely, believable, extremely well done movie.


OK so this is not going to grab any Oscars but I thought it nonetheless
a very credible view of romance between two young men at high school.

Gay art student Danny is forced to share a room at home with Carter, a
hunky swimming major who lodges there during difficulties at his own
home. Carter needs help with his literature classes and Danny provides
it in exchange for life drawing modeling.

A love develops that is fully realized and expressed by Danny but
utterly denied by Carter who cannot even bring himself to be seen at
school with his lover. The results are examined with sensitive dialog
and quite acceptable acting. The love making scene in the rain is a
triumph of art direction that would make many heterosexual movies
appear vulgar. Tye Olson is excellent as Danny. Well worth a try.

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