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  • Weapons
    • Weapons
    • Runtime:112 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-16 21:43:34
    • Director: Adam Bhala Lough
    • Genres: Drama
    • Studio:


I cannot believe this movie got such a low rating. This movie was
excellent. I saw it at the Sundance Film Festival and it was the best
movie i saw. I saw around 14 movies. I would recommend seeing this when
it comes out in theaters. The older (40+) might not be so keen to it
but is definitely a movie for teens and older. This movie doesn't hype
anything up or change how things are in real life. The music, the
filming, the scenes all fit perfectly together. If I'm correct this was
an independent film which I think makes it all better. Also, if this is
the correct film I am thinking off, I'm pretty sure the director said
that this film was filmed with no lights except the sun and lamps. Yet,
the colors and exposure are still amazing. The movie all ties together
perfectly at the end and doesn't leave you staring blankly trying to
figure out what just happened. The movie has a comedic, action, and
suspenseful feel to it.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I could not disagree more with the rave review given by Larry-411. I
thought "Weapons" probably started out as a great idea in the
director's mind, but the execution was absolutely terrible. There was
one scene in particular that was excruciatingly vile, where at a party
the character that turns out to be the biggest jerk in the film
urinates on someone who is passed out and already covered with vomit.

Does anyone really need to see stuff like that?

Weapons was the first film I saw at Sundance that had an "indie" feel
to it – grainy film, hand held camera, and weird things that I guess
were supposed to be "artistic" but fell flat. For one thing directory
Lough did the old "watch events from different points of view" thing,
but all that did was make me feel like I had to sit through a bad film
three times instead of just one. Then he had this habit of holding a
shot on a face or scene where nothing was happening WAY too long. It
almost felt as if in a few scenes he just forgot to say "cut!" Finally,
in the middle of the film he inserted this weird, freeze frame montage
of the main and supporting characters.

I really did want to give this a chance and for about the first 15 or
20 minutes although I didn't think it was great, I thought it was OK
and moving in an interesting direction. Unfortunately it really fell
apart as it got further along. The style of the film actually reminded
me of the controversial movie Kids by director Larry Clarke, which
although it was more about teen sex than violence and was considered
exploitative, really got the point of the nothing to lose, dead end
lives of it's characters than this film managed to do.



I attended the world premiere of "Weapons" at the 2007 Sundance Film
Festival. For some reason, several films here have had some unusual
similarities. I saw three in a row which I would characterize as being
"hard to watch." That's not necessarily a bad thing — the difficulty
stemmed not from a lack of quality of the material but from the subject
matter. In this case, well, the title is a pretty good tipoff. I also
saw three films which open with a gunshot. In two cases, we don't know
who or what has been the target. In the case of "Weapons," though, we
know from the moment the film rolls. Nick Cannon's head is blown off.
Literally. As writer/director Adam Bhala Lough so eloquently explained
in the Q&A afterward, pineapples make a great substitute and some fancy
optical effects do the rest. But it sure looks real, and signals what
is to come — the viewer is about to find out how we got to this point.
We know the ending, now we go back to the beginning. In this case,
several story lines are told in flashback, start to finish, start to
finish, independently of each other. It's a structure we've seen
before, and it can be a pretty effective technique in a crime drama. It
works here, largely on the strength of performances by some of today's
most talented yet underrated actors.

Sean (Mark Webber) arrives home from college to find his buddies, Chris
(Paul Dano) and Jason (Riley Smith), ready to whip out the drugs and
celebrate. But something is amiss, and before the first joint makes it
to a roach there is a score to settle. Meanwhile, across town, Reggie
(Nick Cannon) is preparing for a job interview when little sister
Sabrina (Regine Nehy) walks in. Something is amiss, and there is a
score to settle. And so it begins. Along the way Webber will be the
reluctant accomplice, a man with a conscience. Dano will be the
clueless fop who documents it all, annoyingly, with his camcorder. And
Smith will march headlong into mayhem. On the other side of town,
Cannon will go postal, becoming a madman reminiscent of Ben Foster's
Jake in "Alpha Dog," another crime drama which premiered at Sundance
last year and which opened several weeks ago. James (Brandon Smith),
Sabrina's boyfriend, will accompany him on his mission to right the
perceived wrong that is at the heart of the imminent confrontation.

Most of the film is shot with hand-held cameras, which can be powerful
when the situation calls for it. The film is also characterized by long
shots, sparing the jump cut editing so common in films whose
demographic's attention span is coddled by music videos and Xbox. Many
may find this uncomfortable. It's a daring style which signals Adam
Bhala Lough as a director to be reckoned with — it defies convention.
The story is compelling enough to hold the viewer's interest despite
the slow pace.

Theirs is a world of sex and drugs and violence. Surely some will see a
political message in the availability of guns. Then again, Cannon's
Reggie is so frightening, so out of control, that "guns don't kill
people…" might be equally apt here. The title of the film says it
all. "Weapons" is unapologetic, bold, and challenging. It will hit you
over the head. This is one powerful film.


I don't think this deserves such a low rating. It wasn't my favorite
movie of all time but it was pretty good. Dano was good. The music was

I compared it to Kids or Ken Park from Larry Clark. However it
similarity was only in the story, it was not as emotionally charged as
either of those works nor was it as gratuitous and shocking. It was
kind of like a bland Kids.

I thought it did a great job at showing white trash life for kids
today, completely numb to drug use and violence. Its tone completely
matched the story. It was extremely well done.

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