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  • Wedding Daze
    • Wedding Daze
    • Runtime:88 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-22 19:25:59
    • Director: Georg Stanford Brown
    • Genres: Comedy, Family
    • Studio:


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Now this movie gets a three because I like the main character (the dad)
who also plays a major role on Boston Legal, so he's like-able. The
movie was enjoyable on the basis of how lame it actually was. So I
found myself laughing in the sentimental parts. It's very safe, and
very conservative. I came across this movie on TV, and watched it
because it was pathetic basically.

The plot is that the dad's first daughter gets engaged. Then the
second. He stresses out because they want to be married on the same
day. Then, you guessed it, the THIRD. Mummy and Daddy walk in on
daughter kissing tubby boyfriend, and they announce their love and the
dad faints.

Why they need to wed within weeks at the age of 18, I don't get. It's
very old fashioned and idealistic. In reality their lives would be very
boring. Basically it's dull and the puns are predictive and unoriginal.
Would of been OK in the 1940's, but not today. If you are Amish, you
will like it. If you are intelligent at all, you won't.


Similar in spirit, theme, and approach to an old Robert Young TV movie
from the '70's called All My Darling Daughters, where a loving Dad
faces the bizarre circumstance of preparing for a triple wedding
ceremony of his daughters. Vaguely similar to Father of the Bride, but
the manic hysteria of the Dad is removed in this lower-key approach.

Everybody's rich, and this film spares you from the rich jerks cliché.
Everybody in the movie is the kind of a person you might like to have
as a friend, even the one oddball in the bunch. There's gentle and
tender sentiment, with just enough pratfalls to keep the light hearted
intent intact. Nothing is overdone for cheap laughs, except maybe the
yoga scene. The closeness of the sisters to one another, and with the
parents: very sweet and believable. And it was nice to see Karen
Valentine acting again.

Overall, a sweet diversion that's very human and makes no pretenses.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A picture treasuring family values where 3 daughters become engaged at
once and their parents face the trials and tribulations of their joint
wedding ventures.

The 2nd and 3rd daughters fall right into line with their beaus when
wedding bells seem to ring for all.

John Laroquette is perfect as the father. He tells the story to the
audience. Karen Valentine is obviously much older from her days as the
idealistic teacher in Room 222. However, whoever did her make-up
deserves the worst make-up job performance of the year. Valentine looks
worn out and really haggard. This is supposed to be a time of joy for
her. While she acts the part, she really looks bad here.

The last part of the film really becomes silly with all the problems
that can go wrong at a wedding. The wedding cake is destroyed and a
rabbi has to substitute for an ailing priest at the ceremony.

What the picture has going for it is the strong family value theme. We
don't find the usual wedding jitters by the prospective brides and
grooms, but simply lots of love and understanding. That's heart-warming
by itself.


This film is a lot of fun! Okay, it isn't any 10 star flick, but I just
caught it on the Hallmark Channel and have to say that I really liked
it! I believe that you really can't make a close-to-home, realistic
wedding flick because EVERYONE has a different type of
wedding/experience. These girls choose the "traditional" expensive
outdoor catered wedding with all the bells and whistles…

The film is a bit like Father of the Bride times three (and I'm sure
took a beating from critics for that), but the writer manages still to
focus on a doting father giving the girls the wedding they deserve and
have dreamed of! I really liked how all of the girls had the
(unrealistic, yes) spirit of sharing and giving and they DID NOT become
self-centered bridezillas come the day of the event.

The movie does a great of showing the importance of family especially
making a wedding a FAMILY event. I enjoyed this! I would recommend this
movie to anyone who wants to see a fun, comedic movie about a wedding.
Any girl stressed about being a bride should totally see this
movie…and relax a bit!

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