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  • We’re Back! A Dinosaur’s Story
    • We’re Back! A Dinosaur’s Story
    • Runtime:64 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-22 23:24:43
    • Director: Phil Nibbelink
    • Genres: Adventure, Animation, Family, Fantasy
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:We’re Back! A Dinosaur’s Story


We have reached the ceiling of implausibility with this movie.
Basically, Dinosaurs come aboard this ship piloted by some weird old
fart named Neweyes(which I needed after I watched this movie).
Apparently, Neweyes hears the wishes of children everywhere and decides
that he should grant the wish of children that Dinosaurs be brought
into modern times to be seen by everybody for shameless exploitation.
The dinosaurs eat this stuff that makes them smarter(Too bad the
screenwriters didn't have it). By the way, does it seem weird that out
of ALL the wishes of the children in the world, Neweyes grants the wish
of bringing Dinosaurs to modern times? Why not grant the wishes of kids
to stop famine? Disease? War? I mean come on! Doesn't Neweyes have
anything better to do with all this power he has??? Finally, when the
Dinosaurs get to modern times they start singing, dancing and wrecking
havoc(basically the kind of thing you might see on a bad LSD trip, I
mean where else could you see a T-Rex playing golf and jumping on a
balloon of Spider-man?). They end up in the circus and Neweyes Brother
Screweyes(???) makes the kids that have befriended the dinosaurs sign a
blank contract. Why? Why would kids sign a blank contract??? Screweyes
says that if the dinosaurs take some…"Brain-Drain" That he will let
the children go. The dinosaurs instead of tearing apart the evil
Screweyes limb from limb, give in and agree to his terms. What?! This
is stupid! They could have just menaced him, made him drop the
contract, eaten it then walked off with the kids. I think the
filmmakers were trying to show that violence is bad, which is a moot
point when finally the dinosaurs escape and a bunch of crows envelop
Screweyes and apparently completely eat him. Oh yeah, that's not
violent at all! We're back makes no sense, it's not fun, it's goofy,
it's stupid, poorly written and contains some of the biggest plot holes
ever committed to film. Even for a kid's film… this is BAD.


I do try not to take IMDb ratings to heart, but I was flabbergasted
when I saw the 5.4 rating to one of my childhood favourites. It doesn't
wow me as much at 17, but as a family film this is a sweet and well
meaning movie. Kids will definitely love it and won't mind the flaws,
and the adults can guess the actor behind each character and admire the
subliminal messaging of the film. None of the film was preachy in any
way, in fact it has a great message that added to its sweetness. I will
admit though that the story is on the thin side, and some scenes like
Screweyes's death(which still freaks me out) may be a tad on the scary
side. But the animation is well above average with nice colours and
good character animation. The music by James Horner is very beautiful,
and the song featured is memorable, catchy and amusing. I really liked
the characters, Louie is probably the most in-depth of them all, but
the dinosaurs were at least engaging. Martin Short's clown was both
hilarious and emphatic, the part when he tells Screweyes "I quit!" had
me in stitches. My favourite is Screweyes though, an effective villain
who is crafty and I suppose intelligent. If anything though, I wish the
film kept in the part when he explains how he lost his eye and why he
is scared of crows because that way he could've been more developed in
terms of depth. The script, while not Oscar-worthy, has its funny and
heart-warming parts, and should keep kids and adults entertained. The
voice acting for me was what made the movie. John Goodman, Martin
Short, Rhea Perlman, Felicity Kendall and Yeardley Smith all gave solid
performances, but special mention has to go to Kenneth Mars for he was
absolutely superb as Screweyes and almost unrecognisable. All in all,
this is a good movie. I don't get the rating, honestly I don't. Sure
this film isn't perfect, and it is not as good as a dinosaur movie such
as Land Before Time, but it is good fun. 7.5/10 Bethany Cox

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