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  • What Doesn’t Kill You
    • What Doesn’t Kill You
    • Runtime:100 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-22 19:21:12
    • Director: Brian Goodman
    • Genres: Crime, Drama
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:What Doesn’t Kill You


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well-made with engaging performances and a good script, 'What doesn't
kill you' makes for an afternoons decent entertainment. Allegedly based
on real-life events which is a scary thought that life can be so hard
for some people. Comparisons to 'The Departed' are inevitable, although
a far superior film, 'The Departed' suffered from a lack of humanity.
Mark Ruffallo provides a human heart to this film with an affecting
performance that stays with you long after the film has ended. Ethan
Hawke suffers with a one-dimensional character and bad editing and
Donnie Wahlberg provides able support. All in all, a very competent
film well told.


why does IMDb require 10 lines, are they insane or just control freaks?

All I have to say about this movie is WATCH IT. You will not be
disappointed. It is a great film about a "class" or "group" of people,
could be just about any group, Irish, Mexican, Italian, Puerto Rican,
Iranian, Polish, Cuban… who live in a small community and have
limited opportunities because of education and upbringing… not that
everyone in such a situation will end up like these guys but this story
is being played out day after day in each of America's ethnic
communities. Bravo to the actors and director.

MORE LINES ARE NEEDED SO….this story is being played out day after
day in each of America's ethnic communities. Bravo to the actors and


This powerful true story is brought to life with great directing and
the amazing acting of both Mark Ruffalo and Ethan Hawke. Everything in
this film screams "real". Realism is the key as the film captures the
story of two men trying to live their life with the 'cards they've been

Brian's life is not uncommon. There are countless men (and women) that
have grown up not knowing any way of getting by in life without living
a life of hustling and grinding.

This film captured me from the get go. Showing realism in its
characters and making you understand their actions even if you can't
condone them. The fact that it's all a true story simply enhances the
impact of the story.


This movie was your typical connect-the-dots street crime drama. You
have your cookie-cutter bad-guys as good-guys setup, Ethan Hawke
playing against type, the dumb mom with a heart of gold who can't
resist her sadistic, flunky husband, etc., etc, etc. All of this would
have been fine if not for three major problems: 1) the acting sucked.
(2) the editing sucked. (3) The pacing was awful.

I'm not going to get too into the bad acting. Bad acting is bad acting.
A bunch of guys shouting "hey, where you going?" to each other for the
better part of 2 hours gets old fast, and requires little subtlety or
range. I won't linger on the film's pacing, either. You can see for
yourself that there are several slightly interesting street scenes
among the main characters, and then these slow, tedious, pointless
domestic scenes that try to illustrate just how low these low-lives
really are.

The true sin this film commits is in its editing. First question – why
is it ALWAYS winter? This entire film supposedly spans about 20 years.
Yet every scene is set in gray, cold, bleak weather. Adding insult to
injury is the director and editor's inability to be consistent about
what kind of permanent winter they're trying to capture here.
Repeatedly throughout the entire movie there are juxtapositions of
scenes where one scenario plays out with six inches of fresh snow on
the ground – then cuts away instantly to what logically plays out as
something that is happening only a few hours or even just minutes later
- with NO SNOW on the ground! This happens constantly, back and forth,
back and forth, snow/no snow, snow/no snow. It's like, what the hell's
the deal with this? Is it winter or not? Or is it late October? and how
can it go from looking like the middle of January one minute, to the
beginning of November the next, with reddish leaves on the trees and
softer sunlight? Truly an editing disaster, and unless it was supposed
to be symbolic of something, utterly pointless. As is most of this
movie, aptly titled "What Doesn't Kill You." The rest of the phrase is,
"Makes You Wish It Had." At least, that's the case here.

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