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  • Witchville
    • Witchville
    • Runtime:87 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-22 23:21:11
    • Director: Pearry Reginald Teo
    • Genres: Sci-Fi
    • Studio:


I shouldn't rate this yet, haven't finished watching it, however, the
Kramer character IS cracking me up. Does anyone else think he speaks
like an English accented Captain Kirk, William Shatner 60's style?

The pacing and inflection is so funny. I wonder if he realized he was
doing that?


"They…………are………..among us………even now. Pause "One
meal……….for one man………….will not………." and on and

I am an avid Sci Fi movie fan…books too….I just wish they had some
better writers for the movies ON the Syfy channel. Sheesh. Don't waste
your actors…..Luke Goss, Ed Speleers, James Frain (another movie) and

I'll watch anything with Luke Goss in it. He is just dang gorgeous.

So far, about a four on the ratings.


If you like that sort of thing. The production qualities are quite
good. The acting is quite good. The music is quite good. The plot is
identical to dozens of others. A fantasy medieval kingdom is threatened
by takeover by an evil power. Brave heroes and heroines must fight and
suffer and die to place the rightful good king back on the throne.

This movie offers more in the way of shirtless tied up guys, women with
swords, cross-bows, etc.

If you like this sort of thing, this is a good version of it.

In my opinion on par, and certainly better in terms of acting, than
"The Sword and the Sorcerer" or "Kull the Conqueror." The mood is
rather consistently dark throughout, which I liked. Not the joke-y-ness
of many similar movies.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

SyFy movies are a dime a dozen on Saturday nights and this one has a
decent and original story line. There are no big blockbuster effects
and no deep philosophical plot twists or ideologies. It's simply a
sword and sorcery fantasy movie with tidbits of action here and there.
Taking it for what it is keeps it in perspective. Those individuals who
will think its "apallingly bad" are individuals who can't look past the
low budget presentation of the film, although this one isn't that low
budget in presentation.The acting is decent for a SyFy movie, the
effects are decent, fight scenes decent and setting decent. Again it's
not your top of the line straight to the box office film….take it for
what it is and stop trying to be the newest critic on the block. We
have enough of those.

This review is mostly written to counter one of the complaints given in
another review. The following may contain spoilers: The story showed
Jozefa's (MyAnna Buring) conflict with her mother, the Red Queen from
the Red Queen's initial introduction. So the fact she found out the
King is her brother along with the fact that she's taken a liking to
the King's best friend is the catalyst for her betrayal. Not to mention
the King's best friend talking her down.


To begin with, this is a TV movie, therefore you should not have a high
expectation about it. However, given that fact, I have seen a low
budget action movie which is way better than this one. The actions were
very bad; there were some sword fight, but when you look at them, it is
exactly the actions that were comparable to a play, not a movie. There
were a lot of awkward moment where you can actually see that the actors
were waiting for the hit to come slowly….. and then try to deflect
them. And of course the details were terrible. The minaret for whatever
reason was topped with a cross ? Normally; in this kind of movies,
books are made of animal skins, but on this one, it is cheaper to use

All in all, my suggestion is not to waste your time on this one. I've
given a 2 vote for the effort of the actors, despite a very bad
direction they still do reasonably well….

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