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  • Wolf Creek
    • Wolf Creek
    • Runtime:99 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-16 21:47:20
    • Director: Greg Mclean
    • Genres: Horror, Thriller
    • Studio:


For many years now, modern horror directors have failed to grasp the
concept that low budget horror films tend to do better than the over
produced and over budgeted teen slasher flicks that are released every
waking moment in today's world. Although Wolf Creek's budget did
stretch to the one million mark, compared to the budgets of most movies
today that's really not a lot. But despite this the end result is a
film that is just utterly terrifying and simply brilliant in almost
every way. It is just so unsettling and real that it really just gets
under the skin and chills you right to the bone. But just what is it
that director Greg McLean does to achieve this masterpiece?

Well the first thing that I have to mention is the amazing acting shown
throughout this film, and there is not a person alive better to play
the movies killer than John Jarratt. This is one of the main things
that make this movie so great. McLean knew exactly what he was doing
when writing this character Mick Taylor, and through this he created
one of the most evil and terrifying killers the horror genre has ever
seen. When we are first introduced to him, we immediately grow a
fondness for him. He just has that likability factor which makes us so
attached to him, which is why in the second half of the movie, when we
see what he is really like, we feel so unsettled, and we are so
terrified because secretly we like him. This is something that every
horror film needs, a killer that although is evil in every way, and
simply chills you just to look at him, he must be so insane that he
becomes humorous and likable, but in a really disturbing way. There are
very few better examples of this than Mick Taylor.

However, John Jarratt is not the only one who delivers an excellent
performance in this movie. Our main characters are also superbly
portrayed to the point where we truly begin to connect with them and
feel true sympathy for them when they meet their untimely demise. The
characters Liz Hunter (Cassandra Magrath), Kristy Earl (Kestie Morassi)
and Ben Mitchell (Nathan Phillips) have been written so well that it is
almost impossible to not feel some sort of connection with them. This
is credited to the fact that McLean has written had the idea of only
giving them a rough draft of the script and letting his
actors/actresses improvise the rest and it works beautifully. This is
why we feel so connected to them, because they are just portrayed with
such realism and emotion.

The gore and violence is another element that is perfectly done in this
movie. It is in no way over the top but it shows us just enough to
unsettle us and shock us to such a wide extent. There are some scenes
which just leave us in complete shock and awe at the sheer brutality of
this film, made all the more worse by the twisted sadistic character
that is Mick Taylor. Another thing that is worth pointing out is the
fact that in most slasher/horror films of today, there are many
different mindless killings right from start. A point that may not seem
important, but when thought about, when we see over the top slaying
over and over again, we become so accustomed to it that it no longer
shocks us. This is not the case with Wolf Creek, the build up and
suspense that is created throughout the film is fantastic and when the
violence finally comes it makes it all the more shocking. And the fact
that it it not over the top it makes it more realistic.

So if you are thinking of watching this film, don't think about it,
just do it. It is with out a doubt one of the best slasher films of the
naughties and is nothing short of a classic. With the fantastic screen
play accompanied with the movingly brilliant acting, this is a
disturbing chilling film that will have you on the edge of your seat in
this fantastic thrill ride that is Wolf Creek.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First of all, this isn't a true story, contrary to what many reviewers
thought. The producers only added this part at the beginning of the
film, in order to make it more believable and more psychologically
devastating for the audience.

Secondly, there's a bit of bias from reviewers in Australia. They tend
to rate this movie higher than anybody else. In my opinion, this movie
should be appreciated by its merits, not set location.

–Spoiler Alert–

Now onto the spoilers… I think the overall plot was okay although,
since it was fictional, the storyline could have branched out in a
better fashion. Nevertheless, it was an overall good movie. Moreover, I
appreciate that the producers wanted to offer a horror scenario that
could actually happen to people in real life, without the need of
something 'science fictional' or supernatural/paranormal. So I do
appreciate the subtleness yet effectiveness in executing a horror film,
one which falls into the boundaries of our Earthly realities, while
holding so much of the 'real world' evil at the same time.

So why did I rate it 5/10 instead of 7 or 8? Simply because the film
unfortunately promoted stupidity. Seriously, Liz had so many chances to
kill Mick. Stab him with a knife, or that piece of glass you used to
free yourself. Burn him, smash his head with any object, just make sure
he doesn't bloody recover! Also, no need to burn your car in order to
distract him away from harassing your friend. Just make some noise,
bang your hands on the wall, and wait for him to come outside. There's
just too much stupidity, I couldn't list it all without crossing over
the word limit.

Anyway it was entertaining but sadly it created a god out of Mick and
absolute clowns out of the British tourists. This isn't the example you
should be setting for people who watch these movies. At least put a
brain into these characters. You wouldn't believe how smart the human
brain functions at times of emergencies. Yes, the initial reaction is
confusion, panic, etc. However, as time goes by, the character should
retain his common sense and strive to survive. In this case, the
character didn't even ensure her sworn enemy was killed before leaving
the premises. Not the finest message to send for potential would-be
victims who watched the movie in the cinemas.

For the record, you could still have the same outcome of the movie
(Mick successfully killing the two girls) without the need of promoting
stupidity. I realize that Mick had to be kept alive, in order to stage
his comeback and win the ultimate fight. It's part of the storyline for
the victims to end up losing in this film, and I appreciate that. But
it could have still been executed without making the victims look
brainless. In fact, it would have been even more terrifying for two
smart girls still losing at the end to someone who was evil and lucky
at the same time. Think about it, an even better plot.


Now this is a good crappy horror movie. They used Crappy Horror Movie
Template C for this one. Two chicks and a guy buy a rustbucket and set
off across country on a road trip, cue up the inevitable clichés. Let's
count them off shall we?

1. The run in with the creepy locals. 2. The awkward get together
between the guy and the chick. (It's a horror movie, they are
"chicks".) 3. The car engine mysteriously conks out. (Though this is
sort of explained.) 4. The random appearance of the "Stranger". 5. The
escape and subsequent pursuit, leading to the showdown.

Now I'm not bagging Wolf Creek, it follows the handbook to the letter
but does it well, and when it does stray from formula it has a couple
of nice surprises. The guy and chicks handle the acting stuff pretty
well, as there are only three characters for half the movie you get to
know them better than in many such films. The Stranger is known to
Aussies as a staple in local TV over many decades and it is a genuinely
creepy performance that doesn't stray so far that it becomes hokey.

Once the film heats up it moves quickly and perhaps would have
benefited from another few minutes actually as it wraps up feeling a
bit short, maybe one more chase or twist would have helped. I did enjoy
the refreshing lack of bullshit, the Stranger's true colours are
revealed in blunt fashion, as are his "long term" intentions, and once
he actually gets his hands on the escapees there is no unnecessary
gloating or playing around, he handles his business and moves on.

I have heard rumours about a Wolf Creek 2 and hope they don't come to
fruition. This was a reasonable, unpretentious nasty little flick that
did what it needed then finished. I don't think it warrants a second
venture to Wolf Creek, nor was the "Stranger" a strong enough character
to warrant a Freddie or Jason style franchise.

Final Rating – 7 / 10. Efficient enough horror movie. No surprises for
horror fans but worth a look.

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than anything that's come out of h-wood lately.

there are going to be detractors who say that it's an Aussie retread of
'the Texas chainsaw massacre'; they might even be partially right. what
i loved most about this film is the fact that in an age of sadly
predictable horror films, this one kept me on the edge of my seat.

not only was i actually frightened, but this film kept pushing the
envelope in terms of what horror audiences have come to expect. it goes
WAY beyond anything you've seen in the last twenty years. thank god for
true Indies making real horror. this is a thousand times better than
the overrated and ultimately idiotic 'saw' precisely because it keeps
on showing you things you don't think you're going to see.

things that make you really, really uncomfortable. things that are
very, very upsetting.

when we finished watching i felt as though i had been hit by a truck,
much the same way i felt when i watched Texas chainsaw for the first
time when i was fourteen. that was a long time ago. i think this film
has the potential to become a similar rite of passage for up-and-coming
horror fans. it's that powerful.

having said that, i can't see them releasing this as is. it touches on
stuff that no major studio will want to go near.

one of the few 'based on a true story…' films that really is, i
wonder how Aussies felt when they saw this film. also, the lead baddie
is a pretty familiar face to you lot down under–i'm curious how that
translated? since i had no clue as to who he was, he was totally
believable as a freaky hick and scared the hell out of me.

great, great movie. horror fans? get your hands on a copy somehow.

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