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  • Young Frankenstein
    • Young Frankenstein
    • Runtime:106 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-18 19:15:02
    • Director: Mel Brooks
    • Genres: Comedy, Sci-Fi
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Young Frankenstein


The film is a wonderful love story, complete with a seven-foot tall(I
think) re-animated monster, a half-mad neurosurgeon with just a small
income, Frau Blucher(whinnying horses), a little guy who likes to make
jokes of everything(even within the script), of course Dr.
Frankenstein(Gene Wilder), and his enormously attractive assistant
Inga. Inga is played by Teri Garr. Teri Garr looks terrific in gorgeous
black and white. I actually had a hard time following the movie because
I've always been in love with Teri Garr. She wears I think eight or ten
different dresses or outfits. The remastering of the movie is

In the beginning of this famous Mel Brooks flick, Frankenstein, son of
THE Frankenstein, is a rather crabby and exasperated man, his own
nemesis in a way because he doesn't want to be compared to his father.
But after finding the laboratory in the old castle(engineered by Frau
Blucher), he becomes a different person, a different scientist. He
longs to re-animate flesh, in addition to having a desire to jump
Inga's bones. The feeling is mutual. Back home, wherever that is(never
read Shelley's book) is his fiancé, a woman who makes the Doctor wait
until their wedding night. Her name is Elizabeth (Madeliene Kahn) and
her parents are rich. She is somewhere between a very slowly melting
iceberg and a haughty tease. But she catches Igor's eye(both of them
belonging to British actor Marty Feldman). Which is very incidental,
however the little guy does make a go of it, making light of it all the
while. Igor's big mission is going to the brain depository in the
little German town. I wondered today why the good doctor did not go,
but it's one of many things that one finds at the local library when
not searching for early Stephen King books. Those old Boris Karloff and
Peter Cushing movies are a trick to find; I used to stay up late when I
was a kid to see them.

It's stretching fancy, but Inspector Kemp has problems himself, but he
never died and was brought back to life. He is mostly mechanical above
the waist. He also has an a way of expressing himself that apparently
means he had some neurological speech impediment. Which is funny as
hell, in the movie. Sometime during the movie Frankenstein asks Inga to
elevate him, where that goes you know, if you have seen the movie. The
monster, disturbed by fire during a performance for the town, gets
Elizabeth to go out to the country with him. He now has fire under
control, and Elizabeth finds out after another cigarette that The
Monster is the most gifted man in the world. She says "seven has always
been my lucky number."

After some schnapps the think tank goes back to the lab, and something
miraculous is about to happen.

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