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  • Young Guns II
    • Young Guns II
    • Runtime:104 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-17 12:18:24
    • Director: Geoff Murphy
    • Genres: Action, Western
    • Studio:


The follow up to "Young Guns" is just as entertaining, if nothing more.
As for accuracy look elsewhere, because this quick draw teenage
(looking to be hip) aimed western is a passable gung-ho outing by
director Geoff Murphy. It's not tough, but it's buoyant. One thing I
noticed more was the comical angle being in full force with a lot of
smarting quips and the blaring image of seeking fame or making a name
for yourself as it seems to take priority over ones own life. All
glory, little else in seeking to make a name to go down in history.
Even Jon Bon Jovi chips away with his tune "Blaze of Glory" and
contributes to most of the scorching rock soundtrack. The performances
are variably delivered in a dead serious or sardonically cheeky manner.
The likes Kiefer Sutherland, Lou Diamond Phillips and the lively Emilio
Estevez as Billy the Kid return. Estevez dons on some make-up to age
him, which only looks ridiculous and so is his croaky narration running
through the feature. Some new faces with Christian Slater, Alan Ruck,
Viggo Mortensen and William Petersen's steely conviction giving the
best performance of the lot as Pat Garrett. When he takes up the offer
to hunt down Billy, there's something imposing about Petersen's figure
dressed in black and those glazed eyes. Also you got small parts from
Tracey Walter and James Coburn (who played Garratt in Sam Peckinpah's
Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid) to chew on his lines to quickly spit them
out. Murphy does a stylish job delivering on theatrically set-up
gunfights and adding some scope to his craftsmanship. Outside the witty
exchanges, there are also plenty of spirited visual gags too. I didn't
mind the humour and found it rather fitting.


Brushy Bill Roberts, old and crusty, claims to be Billy The Kid. Which
is quite a claim considering the Kid was long thought to have been
killed by Patrick Floyd Garrett in 1881. Roberts tells a listening
historian that after the break up of the Tunstall Regulators, the
remaining members hooked up with Garrett and Arkansas Dave Rudabaugh
and still lived the outlaw life…..

Young Guns was released in 1988 and became a big enough hit to warrant
this sequel two years later. Reuniting gun tooters Emilio Estevez {The
Kid}, Kiefer Sutherland {Doc Scurlock} and Lou Diamond Phillips
{Chavez} from the first film, Young Guns II follows the same formula
that worked two years previously. Billy is still a borderline nut case
and his gang, for better or worse, follow him into a number of
escapades. This time around tho we have some added interest in the form
of Christian Slater's cocky Rudabaugh, who, as an egotist, wants to run
the gang himself. Things are further given a lift when Garrett {a
splendid William Petersen} leaves the gang and is persuaded to become a
law man. His first job being of course to catch Billy! All things
considered there is enough intrigue in the story to compliment the
expected array of gun play and yeehah pursuits.

Both Young Guns movies are frowned upon by many old school Western
purists, which to a degree I understand. They lack any sort of
psychological aspects outside of a brat packer like cast shooting and
quipping with care free abandon. Substance wise, there is nothing on
which to hang your hat on. But both films, and more so with this
sequel, have such a sense of fun like homage to them. While if for
nothing else, that they got people talking about the Western in the MTV
age, has to be a bonus to the discerning Western fan. Nonsense
fictional fun is the Young Guns double bill, view it as such and you
might just enjoy the experience. 7/10


The perfect movie to watch as a kid and understand the "buddy" term in
pop culture, well, in Western.

The action is great but the movie's best feature is it's fast pace. The
events are all extremely entertaining if you really get into the plot.
You know, it deals with the good against the bad guys.

The acting is also pretty good specially from Lou Diamond Phillips and
Emilio Estevez. Both were my childhood heroes! Well there's not much to
say about the movie except that it deals with good against evil and the
Western problematics that have to be solved with plenty of guns!

Watch it in order to understand the early 90's way of film making.

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