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  • Brokeback Mountain
    • Brokeback Mountain
    • Runtime:127 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-18 19:11:10
    • Director: Ang Lee
    • Genres: Drama, Romance, Western
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Brokeback Mountain


I was completely mesmerised by Brokeback Mountain. It is such a
beautiful and poignant film, that also benefits from being gorgeously
shot and adeptly acted and directed. The film does move slowly of
course, but I personally think that Brokeback Mountain was deliberately
paced like that(I said very similar things about 2001 and The Godfather
too, they are constantly criticised for being boring yet both had their
reasons for being paced like that). The slow pacing allowed us to
empathise with the characters more, and that paid off, because the
characterisations are superb. As are the beautifully written and
thought-provoking screenplay and gentle scoring. Ang Lee's direction is
the best it's been here I feel, while the cinematography and scenery
are simply breathtaking. The acting is excellent. Heath Ledger I think
gives his best performance here(sorry Dark Knight fans, I loved him
there, but he was beyond amazing here), while Jake Gyllanhaal is very
believable, and Michelle Williams is heart-wrenching. Also Brokeback
Mountain is quite emotionally affecting, it really makes you think and
the sheer beauty of the visuals, acting and story are enough to make me
cry, and I was in pieces after the ending. In conclusion, a mesmerising
film. 10/10 Bethany Cox


The hype for this is based on the fear. Let this be a lesson to would
be script writers, it will be key for selling even your most mediocre
efforts. If you are sitting on a long drama guaranteed to put Juan
Valdez to sleep, rewrite it so your characters are struggling
minorities put in a situation where critics & viewers will fear PC
repercussions if they don't pretend to like it. At it's best "Brokeback
Mountain" is watchable for the scenery, but beyond that the viewer is
stuck with hours of monotony. But monotony that critics & friends will
be too frightened to admit put them to sleep faster than "The English

This is a lesson every young writer should learn, you do not have to be
thought provoking, relevant, or even entertaining, so long as you write
about a topic people will be unwilling to openly ridicule.


Brokeback Moutain is a very brave attempt to showcase the whole life of
a gay couple, their dilemmas and stereotypes and homophobia of the
society towards them. Ang Lee has created something very unique and
simplistic romantic film.

Script writers Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossana have achieved a
remarkable adaptation of Annie Proulx's short story. The dialogs are
very well written and the characterization is just outstanding. The
story follows two life and times of two cowboys – Ennis (played by
Heath Ledger) and Jack (played by Jake Gyllenhaal) who have their own
children and wives but they love each other. This unusual bond between
them forms the crux of the story. Over the time, they maintain their
secret relationship from the world.

Kudos for both of the Lead Actors – Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal
really appear is if they are in love with each other. They have
wonderfully done justice to their characters. The bittersweet romance
between both of the lead actors is a delight to watch. Performance of
Michelle Williams – who played Ennis' wife is also amazing. Her
portrayal of a woman who knows his husband is a gay and her ultimate
decision is very beautifully played by Michelle.

The film is beautifully shot. Rodrigo Prieto's cinematography is very
flamboyant. Filmed in eye captivating locations in Canada, the wide
shots of beautiful mountains and landscapes are breathtaking. Music by
Gustavo Santaolalla is pretty much minimalistic – just a guitar playing
throughout the movie but it is very melodious and lovely to hear and it
worked like a charm in the film. Ang Lee's direction, as mentioned
above is very clear cut and he is on the focus throughout the movie.

In the end, the film will be a remarkable landmark in history of
American cinema. It will probably change the view of some people – The
film is not for just gays, perhaps it is for every person who believes
in equal rights for everyone. And of course if you want to see
something unusual, but yet very touching romantic film – Brokeback
Mountain is for you.


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