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  • Captivity
    • Captivity
    • Runtime:96 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-20 11:11:21
    • Director: Roland Joffé
    • Genres: Crime, Horror, Thriller
    • Studio:


A model (Elisha Cuthbert) is kidnapped and held captive in a very
elaborate little world full of her belongings, but not without the
occasional torture of acid, or being forced to kill dogs or drink human

There are plenty of things I could complain about with this movie. One,
writer Larry Cohen took a bloody departure from his more fantastic
stories. Two, Roland Joffe once directed "Killing Fields", and now
this. Three, it is predictable. And four, there are scenes of footage
where I am really confused: who is filming it?

All this aside, it was not all bad. I still strangely enjoyed it,
despite not really caring for certain camera tricks and whatnot. The
characters were enjoyable, and the film had a good pacing and length. I
would probably watch it again.

I found myself reminded from time to time with "People Under the
Stairs". The vents, the captivity in the basement, the large shotgun.
There are big differences, obviously, but if this was not in some ways
an homage, then it is a heck of a coincidence.


I have to say I picked it up expecting a run-of-the-mill flick that
would make a good night movie. The only reason I purchased it was the
"most controversial movie of the year" statement on the back (which I
still don't get). Anyway, I was just blown away. This was a phenomenal
movie. I've seen a lot of different movies, and this was one of the
best. I wouldn't call it scary, but there is a lot of tension and
suspense and a good measure of gore that, while going a bit overboard
at times, is still perfectly legit.

The acting was good, but maybe not the best. It was intense
(particularly Gary's character) and believable though, and that's
important. The script itself and the plot were , eh, a bit lacking, but
they didn't take away from the film as a whole. No huge plot holes that
left me confused or irritated.

All in all it was a great piece. I plan on watching it many more times.
This was one of those movies that, even though you know the twists
already, are still amazing to watch. It's hands-down one of the best
I've ever seen.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A few years ago when i was hearing some friends talk about the upcoming
new Saw film,i remember some of them talking about a similar looking
film called Captivity,and with having enjoy seeing Cuthbert in 24,i
decided the it was time the i picked up the film on DVD.The main thing
i was looking forward to seeing was how Cuthbert would do at being the
main lead,and whilst she gives a good performance,there are a few too
many holes in the film that chill down any chilling sense of peril in
the film. The plot:

Mega-star model Jennifer Tree goes to New York for a big fashion
event,later at a night club she is given a spiked drink the makes her
pass out.When Jennifer wakes up on a "tropical beach" (the is actually
an image being shown by a projector),she finds out the she is being
held captivated in an underground chamber.During the
captivity,Jennifers captive gets her to face some very disturbing
challenges (such as being forced to drink the blended body parts of the
past murdered victims.)Though when she finds out that there is another
prisoner in the chamber next to her,she starts to get optimistic about
her chance of freedom.What Jennifer doesn't know is that the prisoner
has some challenges of his own for her… View on the film:

With the performance,Cuthbert does a good job at expressing the
claustrophobic environment that the character is forced to inhabit,and
also helping to make the main remember able parts of the film ("The
blender" and "The tropical beach" )really work.During the time the i
was reading up about the film,i found out that the movie got massively
re-shot by An American Haunting director Courtney Soloman to "satisfy
the gore hounds".Sadly the extra footage has actually ruined much of
the fear and tension that the film really needed,by leaving out any
sense of long-term suffering that the character is having,where as soon
as the torturing has ended,she seems perfectly fine and is also still
able to look very beautiful!!.With the story it looks like the
writers/directors have decided to hardly give the killers any reason or
motive for going for Jennifer,and have disappointingly have given the
film a happy ending (though the alternative ending the is on the
DVD,would have made a much more nastier,interesting ending.) Final view
on the film:

A likable horror,the is let down by to many flaws with the storyline
and under-developed characters.)

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