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  • Daddy Day Care
    • Daddy Day Care
    • Runtime:92 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-18 19:08:12
    • Director: Steve Carr
    • Genres: Comedy, Family
    • Studio:


Daddy Day Care is not absolutely brilliant, but what I liked about it
was that it didn't try to be. Admittedly the story is silly and
predictable, the script has its weak spots, it can get sickly sweet in
places and there are some repetitive sight gags. However, it is nicely
filmed, has a good soundtrack, does have some funny moments and there
are some decent performances from Eddie Murphy(who sensibly
underplays), Jeff Carlin and Anjelica Huston. However it is the kids
who steal the show, they are very cute and energetic. Overall, Daddy
Day Care isn't that bad, it is lacking in originality but has a good
cast and has enough energy to make it watchable. 6/10 Bethany Cox


Unlike its follow-up Daddy Day Camp, Daddy Day Care delivers the laughs
and fun for all ages. The kids are actually developed here, and the
movie does a smart thing of building a nice bond between Eddie Murphy
and his son during this movie, something Daddy Day Camp tried to do,
but couldn't. Eddie Murphy, Jeff Garlin|Phill| and Steve Zahn are the
perfect trio for this movie, and they are the main reason this movie
succeeded as well it did. This was actually my 2nd time viewing this
movie. I first came across this movie when I ordered it in my hotel
room. I enjoyed it than, and I enjoyed it just as much now. Anjelica
Huston played the perfect villain for this movie, and I must say
watching her get the injustice that deserved in the end was a real
treat. I've heard a lot of bashing for this movie with critics calling
it another lazy movie for Eddie Murphy. What did they honestly expect?
An award-winning comedy?.

Performances. Eddie Murphy's charisma and humor serve him perfectly
here. He's not too over the top, but not too restrained either. In my
honest opinion, it's one of his best performances in his later years.
Jeff Garlin and Steve Zahn do well as Eddie's sidekicks. Regina King is
decent as Eddie's wife, and did what she had to do well. Anjelica
Huston is excellent as the villain who is angry due to the success of
Daddy Day Care.

Bottom line. It's light, it's easy-going and just a nice family movie
for the parents and the kids of all ages to just sit down and enjoy.
Give it a break, it really is quite cute.

6 1/2 /10


Daddy Day Care is a nice family film that is entertaining to watch.
Charlie and Phil are so consumed by their advertising jobs that they
are completely missing out on the joys of fatherhood. After failing to
excite the public about vegetable cereal, Charlie and Phil are fired
from their ad jobs. While in search of employment and tending to his
four-year-old son Ben during the day while his wife Kim is at work,
Charlie has an idea. If he and Phil can handle taking care of two kids,
how much harder can it be to supervise ten? Much harder than they ever
imagined. But, they will try to manage to pull through and not let Miss
Gwyneth Harridan ruin their day care. The plot doesn't sounds great but
it does have some potential, Fortunately, it delivered as this is film
was actually quite funny. It wasn't over the top funny or Finding Nemo
funny but it defiantly can stand on its own. At most times Daddy Day
Care may just seem like a film with a bunch of screaming kids and
nothing else which isn't true as there are many laughs to be found as
well. Eddie Murphy stars and gives quite a funny performance. The real
stars of the film though are the little kids. Most of them were funny,
some were annoying but they were all tolerable. Regina King plays Kim
and she doesn't really appear in the film very much but gives a funny
line or two. Steve Zahn was really funny as Marvin. Sure sometimes his
character was too stupid to like but it never crosses the line.
Anjelica Huston plays the same role I usually see her in, she plays a
mean person well but it is tiring seeing her do the same thing. Lacey
Chabert has a small but funny role and she is a bit underrated. Jeff
Garlin wasn't that good, like when compared to everyone else he was
weak and not very funny either. Steve Carr directs and does a decent
job, nothing special. I don't know why I liked this movie as much as I
did. It was stupid and kind of had a weak story but I still liked it.
It does get dull at times, particularly the beginning as it starts off
slow but it becomes funnier as the film continues. The running time is
92 minutes so it wouldn't be that much of a punishment to watch. The
movie isn't very clever it's a simple film but it does contain enough
laughs to entertain most people. Daddy Day Care is also a lot better
then The Haunted Mansion. So, if you have a choice between the two, I
would go with this one. In the end, this isn't a great film but it
might fit the bill if you are in need for a family flick. Rating 6.7/10

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