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  • Darkness Falls
    • Darkness Falls
    • Runtime:86 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-20 23:29:30
    • Director: Jonathan Liebesman
    • Genres: Horror, Thriller
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Darkness Falls


Darkness falls is a good horror film. It is about the curse of an old
lady on a town called Darkness falls in revenge for the town putting
her to death for a crime she doesn't commit,in which she attacks kids
on the night when they lose their first tooth.The rock song 'look out
below' by Closure is noteworthy.Special effects are nice.Some thrills
are scary.I wouldn't say it's the scariest movie ever made or anything
like that. It can be watched by all ages.No unwanted stuff of any
sort.Simple storyline,somewhat like a fairytale kind of horror.If you
are a horror fan and wanna watch something that's not extreme,then this
film is good.


Things sure have changed a lot in the world of movie making over the
last couple decades. During the 1990s Horror movies weren't the big
event they had been in the 80s, a time when filmmakers were given a lot
of freedom to realize their visions. But because of the overabundance
of genre films it became so worn out only to make a major comeback
after the success of 1996's 'Scream.' Not that interference from the
studio was brand new, but it seems to be happening much more and a lot
of films suffer for it. There are a lot of them that could have been
something great had the studios backed off and had faith in those they
hired. But money talks in this world and so often art is sacrificed for
the almighty dollar, something very evident after watching this movie.
The makers of 'Darkness Falls,' which was one of many considered
titles, had intended to make a really scary and classy Horror film, but
the studio wanted butts in the seats and in the end they won out. As
for the final product, read on to find out.

Pros: Good work done by the cast. A cool and effective opening
narration. Chilling score. Concept with some potential. Tight pacing. A
few memorable tension-filled sequences. Director Jonathan Liebsman made
his feature debut with this project and does so brilliantly, infusing
it with style and mood. Gorgeous cinematography. A frightening villain.

Cons: Very routine. Clichés a plenty in this movie, including the old
favorite "cat jumping from out of nowhere." At 75 minutes there just
isn't enough time to develop the characters, their relationships, or
the story. Speaking of story, there isn't much of one to hold this
together. Mostly forgettable. Apart from the villain herself, you won't
find anything here you haven't seen before a hundred times. Shows signs
of tinkering, mainly in the editing.

Final thoughts: The thing that hurts the most is that this film
featured a female Horror villain, something not seen much. This could
have been a new franchise, but with such a disappointing start it's no
surprise that never happened. There are a lot of goodies here and you
call tell the people who made the film had good intentions, but too
many cooks spoiled the stew. So much wasted potential that it's
sickening and to this day studio executives still put their noses in.

My rating: 2.5/5


Spoilers? Pfft…as if this wretched "horror" could be spoiled any more
than it already is. As has been said by other reviewers, this film
starts out promising but once you get past the 12 minute mark, you
become very aware that you're in for a major let-down. After that
promising start, the film spirals downward into the abyss of
ridiculousness. Contrived is the first word that comes to mind in
describing this tripe. It almost seems as though the director came up
with a decent (and somewhat creepy) short story, but then got a bit
over confident and decided to try and flesh it out to a feature length
(barely) film. Surely there is a segment of hell reserved for those
with this kind of temerity. I'm a big fan of the genre and can even
find enjoyment in some of the more camp B movie variations, but this is
just bad, bad, bad. The acting is stilted (all involved seem very aware
that they are in a stinker), the writing preposterous and the plot
ridiculous. If you're looking to just throw your money away, you would
do better to just throw it out your car window whilst going full pelt
on the motorway than to spend it (and your time) on this rubbish.

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