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  • Dirty Love
    • Dirty Love
    • Runtime:91 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-16 21:49:19
    • Director: John Mallory Asher
    • Genres: Comedy, Romance
    • Studio:


i love this movie! i watched this film and i thought it was just OK.
Later, i found myself telling my friends about this film, as parts of
it are just hilarious. soon i found myself watching this movie again
with friends,family and coworkers and everyone loving it, at times i
had to hit the pause button to wait for people to stop laughing so they
wouldn't miss anything. my feelings towards this film quickly changed,
I LOVE THIS MOVIE! i would not change a thing. i thought it was a good
story, well directed, a good soundtrack, and the facial expressions
alone are too much. i do not understand why so many of the other
reviews here seem to be so angry. Its a fun film! relax and enjoy.


Sure Dirty Love is not the funniest movie i ever seen, even in the
category of "over the top" comedy aka "american pie style". It had some
funny moments and some over exaggerated even for its kind(the
supermarket scene) Sure Carmen Elektra's character was so much of a
black parody it was not even funny, but the general plot about Becca
and John was pretty good for me as it remind me of a personal
situation(that sadly, the girl in question was not as clever as Becca)
So well gags goes to pretty funny to garberish crap, general story is
fun but some character where rubbish…

lets just say Dirty love make itself as one of the ordinary comedies of
the year…. but i have seen way worse than that….


I can think of a hundred movies much much worse than this one. I can
honestly say that my friends and I sat through the entire movie unable
to stop laughing because Jenny was so hilarious! McCarthy proves
herself in this movie that she can do comedies and do them well. I
loved it so much that I went out and found it at Blockbuster the next
day to buy it. If you enjoy a good laugh, try out this movie. True,
there are crude parts, so it may not be for everyone. That may be why
people are so down on this movie. That or they just can't enjoy a good
laugh. Or they're stuck up on McCarthy. But if you like raunchy
comedies, and movies that will give you and your friends those
incredible movie quotes you can use for times to come, give it a try.
Definitely one of my favorite comedies and I watch it often!

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