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  • Dr. Dolittle 3
    • Dr. Dolittle 3
    • Runtime:95 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-20 23:30:44
    • Director: Rich Thorne
    • Genres: Comedy, Family
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Dr. Dolittle 3


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The first film was pretty funny, and the sequel wasn't absolutely
awful, and what is the one thing that is inadvisable when you can't the
big leading star to do another one, a straight to DVD film, but here it
is. Basically Dr. John Dolittle's youngest daughter Maya (Kyla Pratt)
has grown into a teenager, and has evolved considerably gaining the
full ability to talk to animals, just like her father, and despite
being an antisocial individual more interested in scientific projects.
Believing herself to a freakish gift, and getting in a little bit of
trouble with her mother Lisa (Kristen Wilson) catching her with
mischievous friends, Maya is sent with and dog Lucky (Norm MacDonald)
to the Durango ranch. She is hoping there to find herself, it is owned
by Jud Jones (John Amos), with his son Bo Jones (Walker Howard) by his
side, and the place is surrounded by animals from the near woodlands,
and of course the stable horses. While there Maya is making sure no-one
suspects her of being different, giving herself a fake surname, and she
tries her best but fails when animals come up to her and want problems
solved or just chats. But her talent comes in very useful when a
neighbouring ranch wants to take over and Maya reveals her real self,
use her ability to help save Durango, she in fact gains more respect
that rejection she expected. So the ranch enter themselves against
their rival in the local rodeo competition to win the $50,000 prize,
which of course they do, and in the end Maya gets her first kiss with
love interest Bo. Also starring Luciana Carro as Brooklyn Webster,
Tommy Snider as Clayton, Chelan Simmons as Vivica, Phil Proctor as
Stray Dog and Drunk Monkey, Paulo Costanzo as Cogburn the Rooster,
Friends' Maggie Wheeler as Brown Hen and Fluffy Hen and Gary Busey as
Butch. Pratt has grown into a very attractive young woman, if it wasn't
for her prancing around (forgive the pun) I may have turned off,
although saying that, I was bored throughout. With it's TV made feel,
and the most atrocious cheesy dialogue, including from the animals with
their not as interesting as maybe previously special effects, this is
an absolutely awful sequel fantasy comedy. Pretty poor!


When I saw the first "Dr. Dolittle" movie (on free TV, naturally -
there was no way I was going to pay to see it!), I thought that would
be enough for me. I didn't see part 2. But when the opportunity to see
this sequel came to me, I decided to take a chance, seeing that Eddie
Murphy (an actor I can't stand) wasn't in it. (As well, I got a free
opportunity to see this movie as well.)

For a made-for-DVD movie, the production values are pretty good. Not
theatrically lavish, but the movie looked pretty good. The movie has
some positive messages about being yourself, and the humor is not as
crude as some other "family" movies (though there is the occasional
questionable element, like one teen being socked in the crotch, and one
animal saying he has the "runs".) That's about all I can say that's
positive about this movie.

The characters (except maybe for the ranch boss and his son) aren't
very likable (even the female heroine.) The movie is also stretched out
noticeably – there's about enough story for an hour-long drama for TV
(with commercials.) It doesn't help that the story is VERY predictable.
There is also the problem I had with the first movie – if the animals
are so smart to be able to communicate with the Dolittles, then why do
they act like stupid animals with the other humans instead of doing
what they think? (And why does no one notice their mouth movements when
they are speaking to a Dolittle?)

I've seen plenty of worse made-for-DVD movies, but I was still
seriously bored, and I think older viewers will feel the same. There
must have been plenty of young fans of this movie, because as of this
date, there have been TWO MORE sequels in this series sent to video
stores! Kids might like these movies, but parents, you can surely
expose them to better family movies than this!

P.S. – Gary Busey must have REALLY needed the money to have contributed
to this movie!

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