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  • Enchanted
    • Enchanted
    • Runtime:107 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-16 21:44:39
    • Director: Kevin Lima
    • Genres: Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Musical, Romance
    • Studio:


Enchanting—a word that will rightfully describe the entire movie. The
movie's elements were good, from the cast, visual effects, soundtracks,
and production. It brought dreamy fairy tales to
modern/50%-possibility-to-happen-in-the-real-world fairy tales.

The sensation I felt seeing it for the first time last 2008 was never
different every time I watch this movie. It still manages me to sing
along to Giselle's songs, to cry in every dramatic scene, to get
butterflies in my stomach, to laugh at all madness and to screech with
insanity over the evil queen. Not to mention I watched this movie for a
couple of times already. Indeed, an enchanting movie that will bring
back your love for modernized fairy tales again and again.

Magic tricks and spells did not just remain in the pixelated screen but
the magic struck and traveled beyond our naked eyes. It struck
the..heart. Values and lessons were also manifested. That made it extra
fascinating to the audience. But there are also things that I disregard
about this movie. Reality checks! It might be modernized fairytale but
there are also scenes that are too much to believe in that it could
happen in the real world. (Referring to the real world they manifested,
not the whole movie itself as fantasy.) They could have made it more
natural and real. Following the flow of a real modern day princess'

But I must say that this movie is one of the most heart warming movie
of all time. It embraces all people from all ages. My mother, whose 52,
can even belt out some lines of "How Does She Know." Thumbs up,


"Enchanted" pulls off an interesting duality. It deftly and
entertainingly punctures the twee conventions of one heavily-genrefied
type of film with one hand, while with the other it drives full-speed
into the conventions of another. While the parody of the children's
fairytale cartoon is effective and very funny in its own right, it also
casts a bit of ironic, non-normative light on the "romcom" clichés that
"Enchanted" simultaneously engages in.

It's a very witty movie with a clever script, and more than the
requisite number of funny lines and situations are drawn from the
innocent-abroad conceit of a cartoon fairytale princess (and,
secondarily, prince and villainous lackey) transplanted into a complex
modern world. The wit of the script is complemented and in many senses
the film is really made by a very good lead performance from Amy Adams
as Giselle, who has superb comic timing and does an excellent job of
treading a difficult line — giving her character the requisite level
of exaggerated innocence and saccharinity while keeping the character
well- rounded well-rounded, interesting, and likable enough to carry
the film.

The musical numbers as well are very well done — fully-fledged large-
scale production numbers admirable in their own right and as clever as
the rest of the script in their contrasting of old-fashioned over-the-
top musical styling with real-word cynicisms and banalities.

When that same real-world resolves with a storybook ending all'round,
the film succeeds in being as sweet as it likes, but something doesn't
settle right in terms of tone and the stability of the worlds that have
been established. On the whole, though, the film is pulled off with a
lot of panache and a well-written script that does its concept justice.


An up-to-date, colourful New York fairytale to watch with all the
family. Sadly it capitulates with fifteen minutes left to go,
descending into the goo it had amiably lampooned hitherto. Nonetheless,
for the most part I bought into the perfectly choreographed sugar rush
of animation, singing grinning and surrealism.

Amy Adams is a perfectly cast as the wide-eyed naif, steamrolling up
the great white way. She carries the film, brushing off even the
studio- inflected denouement. The two princes charming – there has to
be some tension beyond the bizarre, trans-dimensional rescue drama that
Kevin Lima has concocted – are the terrifically urbane Patrick Dempsey,
and the blitzen-smile dash of James Marsden. In support Timonthy Spall
and Susan Sarandon chew the scenery somewhat but they are incidental.


An incredibly honest pastiche of the Disney cut on fairy tales with
princesses. Enchanted manages the difficult double act of being a
Disney movie and parodying them at the same time.

Its not a great movie. Its not the Princess Bride. But its funny,
observant and visually impressive and a good way to spend a couple of
hours on Boxing Day.

The animated sequences are "just" sub standard – hopefully deliberately
so. The extent to which "magic" works in Manhattan is carefully judged
and works very well.

The cast are excellent, although not terribly stretched.

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