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  • Eros
    • Eros
    • Runtime:104 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-18 19:07:04
    • Director: Michelangelo Antonioni
    • Genres: Drama
    • Studio:


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

'Eros' brings together three very different filmmakers, who are telling
us, each in his own way, stories about love/lust/desire/dreams.

The first segment (The Hand) is made by Wong Kar -Wai, with Christopher
Doyle as cinematographer. It's a pure gem, gorgeous and intoxicating.
Two very good actors: Gong Li and Chen Chang (the bandit from
'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon'). It's the Weltanschaung of Wong
Kar-Wai, where eros is actually a mean to meditate about time: time
that heals everything while not solving anything; time that's as
illusory as happiness is; time that breaks any hope in the end, while
showing you that it doesn't matter.

I found the segment on youTube; unfortunately it has no subtitles, so
if you aren't familiar with Chinese you are kind of lost. I will try to
summarize the plot: a tailor sends an apprentice to one of his rich
customers, who is a high-class courtesane in her prime; she has the
sadistic impulse to humiliate sexually the boy. This creates a strange
dependence of unrequited lust, that grows through the years, while the
courtesane is gradually loosing her status. The rich patrons leave her,
the means to keep her style are vanishing and she eventually becomes a
prostitute of the lowest kind. The apprentice remains attached to her
down to the end and puts all his erotic desire in creating a dress that
substitutes for him the woman.

Let's pass now to the second segment (Equilibrium), created by Steven
Soderbergh. It's a different kind of an animal: a voyeuristic puzzle
based on circular references. A guy (wonderfully played by Robert
Downey Jr.) comes to the shrink to complain about an obsessive
recurrence: a splendid woman appears naked in his dreams, bathing and
dressing in front of him. The shrink puts the patient on the coach and
makes him tell all details, while trying to live the dream by himself !
Eventually the patient falls asleep on the coach and the shrink leaves
the room. The patient wakes up in front of the woman of his dreams:
she's actually his wife and the dream was the visit to the doctor! Or
the other way around As for the third segment (Il filo pericoloso
delle cose – The Dangerous Thread of Things), made by Michelangelo
Antonioni, it was considered by many reviewers as the weakest part of
the movie. Actually the segment of Antonioni is exquisite: an erotic
fantasy subtly suggesting the sagesse of women in these matters. And
you cannot compare the three segments in any way; each one follows a
totally different approach.

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