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  • Facing the Giants
    • Facing the Giants
    • Runtime:111 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-17 12:19:30
    • Director: Alex Kendrick
    • Genres: Drama, Sport
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Facing the Giants


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I grew up in a Catholic household and went to private school from
kindergarten all the way through college, so I am familiar with the
Christian message, Jesus, the Ten Commandments — all that stuff. Never
before have I seen god and Christianity depicted like this though.

"Facing the Giants" declares that hard work alone isn't enough to
succeed. In order to take the next level, get the raise, beat the rival
team, you need to believe in God. What a joke! I would like to believe
that I am going to have a pretty decent life even though I don't get
down on my hands and knees and pray every night to an unknown entity
that has zero physical proof of existence.

This "film" is going to backfire on Christians. It makes their god seem
like a magical being that grants your every wish like a genie.
Apparently, all you have to do is ask. I don't think that was the
intended message, but it certainly came across that way.


Watched this sleeper at the recommendation of a handful of friends, oh
boy was I ever glad I did. This is one of those movies that you either
shrug off as being "another inspirational sports movie" or let have an
impact on you and change the way you live your life. I chose the
latter. The movie was well-acted and the characters believable, but the
message was better than the movie itself.

We've heard the plot line before: losing high school football coach
(Georgia in this instance) turns his team around. I could count dozens
of sports movies that use this, most of which are fairly enjoyable to
watch, but also cliché, not to mention I am not that big of a sports
guy (yes, I know, I'm in American male, what's wrong with me…haha).

How Facing the Giants is different is when the coach feels there is no
where else to turn as he is about to be terminated after 6 losing
seasons, finances are tough, and he and his wife can't have a baby,
instead of digging down and finding the winner in him and "working
harder", he turns to his faith. Spurred on by an unexpected visitor
with a profound message, the coach starts to think about his own life
and how it is unfolding. I know a lot of critics and audiences are
immediately turned off by this, but I have seen evidence of faith at
work in others lives many times, similar to fashion and examples
offered up in the movie. It definitely made me take a look at the way I
live my own life and yes, tears were shed.

As the coach puts more faith and trust into God his life slowly starts
turning around. His players evaluate their own relationships with each
other, one mends a relationship with his estranged father, and his
fellow coaches start incorporating faith into the football practices.
As the movie progresses we see students using the coach's football
field to meet for prayer and repair & heal broken relationships, a car
anonymously donated to him (his previous car being on its last leg),
his wife finally becomes pregnant, one of the teams they lose to in
their journey becoming disqualified for cheating, and his team moving
to the state championship level.

One of the most memorable scenes in the move was the "death crawl"
scene where the coach pushes one of his key players to give his all and
ends up doing something totally unheard of to all the other players. At
this point the belief starts to snowball for the team.

The final scenes of the movie revolve around the teams rivalry against
the champion state team, who has taken the title for the last 3 years
running – a team that is clearly faster, stronger, and 3 times the
number of players available. You can probably guess what happens, but
some divine intervention provides some influence for a team poised for
greatness. Makes me think "Am I preparing my fields for harvest, or
just waiting for blessings to happen?" Perhaps you may ask the same
question when you watch the movie.


I don't know why so many people before writing something explain that
they are christians or religious people in some way… well, I am not.

i watched this film in a bus and i was with my girlfriend and we
laughed so much with the message of triumph that this movie gives. its
so weird that in a overnight you are going to have this religious
experience and create tactics to play football according to the bible
and goods things are going to happen in every situation you face.

so.. this movie is really bad. i don't know how people say this is the
best movie (ever)… they just watch this kind of movies?? please. the
acting was bad, the clichés where everywhere and god don't make things
just for you.. you have to make the things for yourself


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Let me start with the concept. Facing the giants is intended as a nice
feel good movie, trying to be up there with Remember the Titans.

Where Remember the Titans is actually succeeding in this very concept
being the best movie in the particular genre, Facing the Giants is most
possibly the most evil movie I have had to force myself to watch to the

This is such an indoctrinating movie, trying to force believe upon
people, and its not even subtly done, way over the top, making it
unbelievable in every way. Even if you pause the scenes where the news
ad's get put on the board and read them, you see phrases like "I give
all the credit to God".

Evil in its purest form.

As you might have figured already, I'm a pretty convinced atheist,
might have something to do with my aversion of this movie.

So. conclusion time then : If you're a believer: go watch this movie,
I'm sure it rocks for you.

If your not a believer: don't go wasting 2 hours of your life, your
smarter then that.

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