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  • Freddy vs. Jason
    • Freddy vs. Jason
    • Runtime:97 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-20 23:29:58
    • Director: Ronny Yu
    • Genres: Action, Horror, Thriller
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Freddy vs. Jason


I all honesty I really don't see what is so good about this film. I
mean I have been a fan of the Nightmare On Elm Street movies and the
Friday The Thriteenth movies for years, and of course when i heard
about a film entitled Freddy vs Jason, I was very excited. But I just
felt really let down and unimpressed.

First of all the script was terrible, this really was just the case of
somebody thought they could make money by getting two of the biggest
horror icons of all time to battle it out to the death, so they just
through any old thing together to explain how this would fight would
come about. And the end result is a film that doesn't make sense, along
with terrible acting and script writing and recycled material. I wonder
what Wes Craven was doing here, why would he agree to this film. He is
a true maser of horror and all and all is better than this, why did he
agree to have anything to do with this film.

Now don't get me wrong, I love mindless slasher films just as much as
the next guy, but I do expect a bit of a decent back story and some
sort of attempt at casting and directing. But the fact is the director
and writers didn't have a good story in mind or any original ideas,they
just wanted some gore and an epic fight to top it all off. But was the
fight epic? Was it the fight to end all fights? No it wasn't. I could
have seen through most of the flaws in this film if the final battle
was entertaining, but it really wasn't. I mean the whole film wasn't
spent building up to this point and we were just let down and ripped
off. Nothing exciting happens, nothing original or epic happens, and it
only last around 10-15 minutes. When I heard about the plot for this
film, I assumed that it would have been Freddy and Jason having small
fights throughout the film and then having one final battle to settle
the score. But this wasn't what happened and I just feel really let

However this movie does have one or two good points. For one, although
I spent the best part of this review talking about how disappointed I
was in the fight it did have its good points and there were some
thrills. The concept of course was great and Robert Englund does do a
pretty good job at playing the Krueger.

At the end of the day, if we had of seen a bit more character
development, and if Wes Craven put a bit more effort in the writing of
these characters to make the more likable then this movie have made
some improvement. And also if the idea of how Freddy and Jason ended up
fighting had of had just a bit more thought put into it, then this
would have been a far better film.


The concept of pitting movie monsters against each other is hardly new.
Universal Pictures did it back in the day with their monsters
Frankenstein, Dracula, The Mummy, etc. to further milk money out of the
franchises. You could say that more recent Horror icons Jason, Freddy,
and Michael Myers are the modern equivalent of said classic baddies,
but none of them had been put together in a film. There were attempts
to make this happen, but none of them came to fruition. Fast forward to
2003, the year that saw the release of 'Freddy vs. Jason,' a film that
had been in the planning stages since about the time 'Friday the 13th
part VII' was being prepped. Fifteen years is a long time to wait for
something and when it comes you hope it'll be worth it.

Pros: Cast is game. The writers found a really clever way to bring the
two maniacs together. Ronny Yu brings an entirely different flavor to
the series and makes this film a visual feast with use of colored
lighting, slow motion, cool angles, etc. Top notch special, visual, and
make-up effects. Very fan friendly, including some cool nods to the
previous films like the return of Jason's mom. Paces moves along
nicely. A few inventive and very graphic and bloody kills. Peppered
with humor that works for the most part. A pretty good score and fun
soundtrack. Some really exciting and well-staged set pieces,
particularly the finale.

Cons: These films aren't supposed to have award winning acting, but at
times some of the performances are over-the-top or forced. It doesn't
help that some of the dialogue is cheesy and not in a good way. Unless
you're already terrified of either or both icons it's not likely you'll
be scared by anything in this movie. Beyond the bringing together of
the two icons there's little novelty here.

Final thoughts: It was about time these guys were on the big screen
again and that this idea was finally realized. We fans waited for over
a decade for it and had been loyal that entire time and boy did the
people behind this deliver. Sure it's not exactly a Horror classic or
super groundbreaking, but it mostly makes up for that with all the
goodies you'll find here. It ended up being more successful than any of
the films that preceded it, but to date no sequel has been made. Let's
hope there's still a chance because this movie makes a great start for
a new story arc.

My rating: 4/5


I don't understand why this doesn't have Comedy in it's name to. Freddy
is hilarious, Jason makes it scary.

The start is brilliant. It proves what it says on the DVD case.
"Freddy's Razor sharp mind." Thank god for the Wes Craven's mind, he
can make a horror comedy and actually pull it off. The battle is
hilarious. I can hardly remember the battle from all the tears in my
eyes. Sure I may be immature but if you tried being like me this would
be as funny as The Hangover. I even found the start funny! I am praying
that the end was like that to trigger another for some other genius to
write if Wes Craven doesn't want to. I'm hoping he'd allow them to.


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