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  • Fuck
    • Fuck
    • Runtime:93 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-22 23:19:32
    • Director: Steve Anderson
    • Genres: Documentary
    • Studio:


his is just fascinating. Both in the humor of some of the people
interviewed and the cringing/pain I feel deep in my core at the
unbelievable opinions of people on why censorship is OK. Not only
OK…..but necessary!

I am, and forever will be, mystified by the fact that people give power
and meaning to words written or spoken. As if it is the words
themselves that contain hatred or malice or prejudice or vitriol.

Words will forever and ever, be tools of communicating ideas and
thoughts. Never will they be a metaphysical bullet shot from a mouth or
from a page to the eyes or ears of and audience tearing and ripping
through sanity and flesh like a fresh volley of lead from the barrels
of a machine gun.

If I say something to make you laugh…..does the word enter your ear
and tickle a special area that induces laughter? Does this work on
people who don't speak English?

There are great parts to this documentary. I even think it keeps any
editorializing to a minimum. Both sides are presented….though
hypocrisy is shown only of the anti-f*ck-peeps….so there is a bit of
a slant. But a good watch for all who are immune to the AMAZING and
OTHERWORLDY powers of f*ck.

**BTW, I am immensely amused by the website censoring the word f*ck in
my review of "F*CK"


The F-Bomb is a documentary about the "infamous word" that seems to be
used more and more today. A variety of comedians, actors, radio hosts,
conservatives, porn stars, television producers, rappers, recording
artists and the late Hunter S. Thompson (who the film is dedicated to)
share their views on how profanity and how the f-bomb, in particular,
has become so commonplace in society.

It wasn't surprising that the conservatives have an issue with the word
while the libertarians and liberals think it's no big deal. You can see
that even in 2005 that the two sides simply have different viewpoints
on everything. Near the end of the movie, where Hunter says "I see a
second Civil War coming", you're inclined to believe him and he didn't
live to see what's going on in the U.S. today.

Very entertaining with some hilarious comments, some of which are
brilliant and others stupid and close-minded, you'll enjoy this one. I
really liked the comments from Pat Boone. He is a conservative but he
seems to accept that other people are not like him and he doesn't want
to change them. The bit where he delivers his own brand of "profanity"
is priceless!

For the record, I try and use the "word" only when needed. I can't
stand people who just say it for no reason except to sound "adult".


The word is pervasive in our everyday life. Even so, there are times
when I find it offensive. Scarface comes to mind.

Where did the word come from? It certainly isn't Fornicate Under
Consent of the King. No one really knows. It has been around for
hundreds of years.

How the word has evolved, especially after the World Wars and has
interjected itself into every aspect of culture was fascinating.

You can side with George Carlin or Pat Boone & Alan Keyes. The film is
an interesting exploration of free speech and censorship. After all,
when the "seven dirty words" were broadcast in New York, out of the
millions of people that heard it, only one complained. Yet, the
government sides with the one over the many. The statistics of pre-and
post Bush ere will show how the religious Reich has taken over society.
It should disgust you more than the word.

If nothing else, you will get a lot of laughs from the many
commentators, and a great website to visit.

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