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  • Happy Feet
    • Happy Feet
    • Runtime:108 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-22 23:24:48
    • Director: George Miller
    • Genres: Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family, Music
    • Studio:


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Haters will hate!", "Haters are conservative!", "Haters don't see it
is a funny movie for kiddos!".

Hello, I'm a hater, nice to meet you! I don't generally hate children's
movies and literature. I find most of them great fun for both grown-ups
and little ones. But this can be only achieved when the movie offers
fun and action with a bit of education to the kids and something to
move the adults or make them think. This movie offers nothing but very
illogical "teaching" about environment for the children and sex jokes
for the adults. Besides, call me whatever names, but I assure you,
children to some extent do tell dry-humping from "playing" or
"dancing". Even to think such content is all what we expect from a
family movie is offensive to the intellect of any age group.

I finally decided to give this picture 2 stars, for I appreciate the
way they animated sea and sky and all the work on choreography, but the
plot, characters and dialogs deserve minus rating.

If I had this silly habit of talking to myself, I would have whispered
"What?", "Why?" and "Excuse me!" quite often.

The major failure is the clash of anthropomorphic animals with actual
humans. For me it worked in "Ice Age", scored a weak pass in
"Ratatouille" and hit the very bottom here. If there are actual humans
in the movie (of one kind), why are there different human ethnicities,
cultures and religions mapped on the penguins? It is so illogical that
it hurts. And it's also closer to offensive (stereotypes) than liberal
(variety). Also, the allusions to religion are very much biased, since
the leaders are portrayed as dumb, selfish and forbidding others from
having fun and being themselves.

It is unbelievably ironic that this production won an Oscar over
"Cars", which had no religious themes (thanks God!), but taught that
there is something else in life than our personal goals that it is
worth to slow down for and that the old ones have their story to tell
and deserve respect and friendship. Ewww, so "conservative"! Now I see
clearly the spirit of the filmmakers and critics in general.

As for the "educative" part about saving environment and endangered
species on our planet the story was also illogical and didn't lead me
to expected conclusions "we should be aware and caring". Instead it
filled my head with a bunch of ridiculous thoughts and associations.

If I had just discovered that there exists a colony of penguins with
near-human intelligence attempting to communicate with our species I
would advocate a long-term research on their abilities and tried to
create and artificial language of communication between them and us.
That would surely change a lot more in our study of nature than simply
giving up fishing.

It's quite sad and unfair to make children believe that politicians or
entrepreneurs will change anything because animals can "tell" them
something. To push my train of thought yet a bit more off the rail, all
animals need the resources we are using (water, food, forest). It is
such a serious and heartbreaking issue that it's the high time for us
as the human race to commit a mass suicide, so that aliens could carry
our souls out of this Earth and we would leave it all to the animals
who tap and sing Gospel songs about mating.

Sarcasm over. Review over.

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