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  • Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle
    • Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle
    • Runtime:88 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-16 08:00:20
    • Director: Danny Leiner
    • Genres: Adventure, Comedy
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle


Harold and Kumar etc is a teen-gross out-sex comedy done better than

Harold is the Asian guy and it must be said a little stereotypical. He
is an investment banker, very conscientious and organised. In short he
is a squeaky clean uptight perfectionist.

Kumar is the Indian guy (tech-support not "How") who is Harold's
roommate. He is a slacker genius with a Dr father and brother, though
he doesn't want to follow in their footsteps even though he already has
the knowledge. He is a disorganised and irresponsible slacker.

The two get stoned on a Friday night and decide (as the title demands)
that they need White Castle burgers. Nothing else will suffice. So off
they go.

Along the way they repeatedly meet the "extreme" gang of moron X-Sports
enthusiasts and run into the hot white chick that lives in their
building and whom Harold covets, but can't bring himself to talk to.

On top of that, in between setting off and chomping down on the first
burger they:

* Take an impromptu drug hunt at the local university campus and get
sidetracked by a group of apparently uptight Asian students before
nearly-banging some hot English chicks.

* Get help from a seemingly diseased and feral backwoods gent who
offers to let them "use" his hot young wife.

* Cross paths with a zonked out poon-crazed Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie
Howser MD!) who steals their car and "stains" the upholstery.

* Get jailed for jaywalking.

* Ride an escaped cheetah and hang glide to freedom.

Being a gross-out sex comedy there are fluid jokes, bodily function
jokes, gross jokes and d*ck jokes. On top of that being that the two
leads are non-white there are a bunch of race-related jokes, but they
tend to very carefully and painstakingly toe the line of

There are a couple of good unexpected cameos, most notably the
aforementioned Doogie Howser, but also Anthony Anderson has a good
scene. Thankfully neither cameo has the "Look who we got in our movie"

Harold and Kumar are both likable guys, their banter is unforced and
seems pretty natural despite all the freaky movie stuff that is always
going on around them, and you generally want them to win. (And it must
be said you reallllly want them to punch the "Extreeeeme" idiots!)

The film ended on a good note that really set up a sequel that I think
was well deserved, only when it finally arrived it was pretty obvious
that they were unable to capture whatever made the first film such an
unexpected hit.

Of course the film gives good coverage at the end to the titular burger
chain, but when they put the name in the film's title that is a given.

One last thing. These films tend to have the most awful soundtracks
featuring teeny-boppers, try-hard punk anthems and wannabe rappers. But
Harold and Kumar has maybe half a dozen songs, and all of them are
pretty good, and I hadn't heard any of them before or since. That is a
fair achievement in itself these days.

Final Rating – 7.5 / 10. Whaddya know? A stoner comedy that is actually
funny even if you aren't "toking up", or whatever the unemployed (or
NBA players) call it these days. Boobs, tunes and frequent laughs
without mean pointless spirited humour (which has its place, just not
in these films)… good stuff.


There's virtually nothing in this movie you haven't seen before. First
of all, you get that tired old plot where two friends have to reach
some kind of destination while meeting all kinds of adversity. A movie
like that is released about once every twelve minutes, and the formula
isn't getting any newer. Then you have your typical underdogs who never
stand up to anyone, obviously until they reach that clichéd breaking
point. And just to be on the safe side, there's also a mind-numbingly
banal love sub-plot. Why the hell did I like this movie then? Well, the
destination in this movie is White Castle, that ought to count for
something. Also Kal Penn and John Cho are pretty sympathetic heroes,
their antics are predictable but that doesn't make them less hilarious.
And the hallucinations, God the hallucinations. Those really make the
movie, jumping hamburgers have never been so entertaining. This movie
isn't particularly creative, but it is incredibly amusing.

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